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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by thecoops, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. I'm going to my brothers for a meal at mothers day ( my mums going of course ) And its my job to supply the pud but I'm stuck the for and idea so have you got any ideas / recipes ?
  2. Artic roll, job done.
  3. Nigella's self saucing sticky toffee pudding, google it, it's WELL lush
  4. Bread and Butter Pudding with home made Custard is for winners
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  5. Delia Smith's apple crumble with almonds in the crumble, topped with a few ounces of Rodda's clotted cream.........heaven!
  6. Eton Mess, ideal for cookery noobs and easily made in advance if you leave the meringue (ready made) til later. Eton Mess Recipe - Eton Mess, A Classic British Dessert

    Or live dangerously. Yorkshire puds are basically pancake batter, no? Makes a good sweet, and for those who don't agree, fruit and ice cream for them.

    Your batter has to stand for a few hours, and try pre-heating your oiled pudding moulds before cooking.
    Get the mix right,
    • 4 large, fresh eggs, measured in a jug
    • 4 egg whites
    •Equal quantity of milk to eggs
    •Equal quantity of all purpose/plain flour to eggs
    •Pinch of salt

    Sweetened yorkshire pudding batter, add icing sugar and a smidgeon vanilla essence

    Bake those suckers individually, those multi-trays are ideal.

    Empty yorkies are boring, right? Fill them up with hot raspberries/cold fruits of the forest. And vanilla ice cream.

    Serve on a large patterned plate dusted with icing sugar /a spoon of red fruit coulis and butterscotch sauce

    British Recipes: Easy Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - How to Make Traditional Yorkshire Puddings
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  7. 20 or 40 ft?
  8. Think Yorkshire and don't be silly with all those eggs. You aren't from Yorkshire are you?
  9. Have a couple, during the winter you can't beat a blackberry and apple crumble. During the summer I am rather partial to chocolate fudge cake.
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  11. Am I missing something? Can't see your reply?!
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