The best pub signs.....

The names of these two pubs have always amused me:

The Fawcett Inn (in Pompey):

And near Exmoor:

.... but they ain't a patch on the original post. :(
There's "The Olde C*ck Inn" in Didsbury, just out of Manchester.

Saw a sign on a club toilet door in Manchester saying something along the lines of "One person per cubicle. Anyone breaching this limit will be ejected." Wonder why that was... :roll:
As this thread doesn't really seem to be accelerating to a hilarious climax :( a couple of bits of pub loo graffiti (from Sussex pubs in the 1970s and 1980s) have just come to mind:

1) "Little Red Riding Hood is a Russian contraceptive."

2) "The painter's work was all in vain.
The shithouse poet strikes again.
Don't stand upon the toilet seat.
The crabs in here can jump ten feet."
Grownup_Rafbrat said:
JoseyWales said:
There was a pub in Pontypool called the ' Labour in Vain ' The pub sign was banned a few years ago.

The reason ?
I believe it showed a picture of a lady trying to scrub a piccanninny 'clean'.
This is a photo of The Labour in Vain, Westergate, West Sussex. I used to live near there, and was under the impression that the sign had had to be changed? But the 'old' sign is still displayed in the photo. :?

EDIT: There's an article about the sign here, from the local rag:
theres one down the road called THE GENERAL HAVEALOCK INN (ok i will)

ive allways wanted to have a pub called the slappers legs then i could have the grand opening of the slappers legs

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