The best pub signs.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SkiBum, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Is this the best? Any one ecognise it?

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  2. Thailand I think??
  3. Is that not in Soi Cowboy? Er ...just a guess, you understand *cough*

  4. You could have started off with, say... The Crown and Thistle and then worked up to your entry...

    You kind of killed the thread with that...

    Nice one though...
  5. I saw this sign on a shitter door when on a Pub Golf night with the rugby club in Greenwich. Made me chuckle.

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  6. and this whilst skiing!

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  7. The names of these two pubs have always amused me:

    The Fawcett Inn (in Pompey):


    And near Exmoor:


    .... but they ain't a patch on the original post. :(
  8. This pub in Ewell used to be called the Organ Inn

  9. There was a pub in Pontypool called the ' Labour in Vain ' The pub sign was banned a few years ago.

    The reason ?
  10. I think you're right... from what I was told 8O

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  11. I always find these a relief to see.

  12. There's a pub near me that's taken it's normal sign down and hung a Poppy made of ply wood in it's place. Bow that's a proper pub sign.
  13. i haven't got a picture but i know of a pub/bar called the monkeys forehead! :)
  14. Theres a pub on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean called The C0ck. The sign is a picture of a "huge" rearing stallion.