The Best Piss Upp Youve Ever Had!!??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kurt_ruby, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Right ive had far toooo many and i was wondering as i join on sunday what have been the best piss upps youve ever had?!

    So far the best ive had was in west Bromwich. But im sure you can beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  2. Denver, USA, after an exchange with some Yank LRRP unit.

    Its in the papers...
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I once got smashed in Portugal and woke up in Paris. Beat that!
  4. Home on leave over Easter long week end.
    Lock ins at a pub, 20 odd hours a day on the Lash. (only went "home" to change cloths and do some ablutions)
    So good, BOTH my kidneys were hurting , when i reported back to my unit on Tuesday
  5. A week in malia with 16 lads . im suprised all of us made it back alive.
  6. I can't remember, I was too pissed!! :)
  7. Does anyone remember the 62 sqn RCT double decker bus in Berlin.
    It was painted blue with the RCT badge on the side IIRC.
    Had a stag night on it.
    Bring your own beer and get driven around Berlin getting pished, making several pit stops along the way, Irish Pub, Mon Cheries etc.
    Because it was a military plated vehicle, it could go where it wanted aswell.
    Absolutely the best urine up ever.
  8. 1)The 3 Cdo Bde BAS piss up in Copenhagen during Bold Guard/Gannet whatever in 1984. Flags of Nations...urgh!
    2)The run ashore in Naples the following year...thanks Jeff.
    3)My 40th birthday - why does an apparently sensible person given a half pint of whisky drink it? Then drink another one...and another one?
    4)RSL Gold Coast. Mentioned I was on post op leave...didn't pay for a drink for three hours. Sick on train. Nearly fell in the river. Brilliant sex.
    5)Wife's birthday at Bath Racecourse. cheeky punt on last race paid for champagne for fifteen, minibus home and many, many, many more drinks.
    6)St Patrick's Night in Boston; guess who lead the rebel song singing?
    7)This Saturday after the Calcutta cup...
  9. gibratar....walked (?) straight back into devils tower at dawn to change into kit and commence two hours battle PT!!!

  10. The Bridge Inn ,Antrim first posting, nearly 3 year pi$$ up GREAT :D :D :D
  11. Oooh, airborne forces day in Arnhem. I still have the fondest memories of the Dutch primary school system and one of its teachers in particular...
  12. Been many - one that sticks in my mind was Golf in Hong Kong. 18 holes (Pubs), each bar you went into you had to drink Pint/Half/short (pre determined) in so many mouthfuls. Each bar had a par, dependig on size of drink and penalties for spillages. Public transport could only be used twice and finished off in the camp bar, also had to find out answers to qestions in each bar.

    Absolutely outstanding day.
  13. Hong Kong '92 started off as a normal Friday night out, woken Sunday morning by a "nice" Policeman tapping me gently with his truncheon saying "Yoouuu noo seep he'ah, apparently using a kerbstone in Lan Kwai Fong as a poillow is frowned upon. Priceless hangover that was.

    or how about the three days (Sat, Sun, Mon) before Nijmegen '94, that was a good one, especially the Septic Medics;) Only downside was getting married four days after coming back!
  14. Week last monday, woke up sober, nearly no wife, no car, driving licence or recollection to be fair, what a mission, reckon i must have been abducted by aliens and brainwashed, only reality was the driving licence bit is still sticking, oh and the wife bit too lol oopsy !
  15. Night in a strip club after my first ever tour, with my best friend, aged 19.

    On leaving I was presented with a bill for £3,000.

    I was sick on the spot and had to be carried home (after my mate had swiped my Visa card for me).

    Good times. :D