The Best (or worst) Depot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chiefwiggum, Jul 30, 2004.

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  1. Back in the days of Depot training, who had the best (or worst) experiences,
    was the Queens Depot, better (harder) than say the Guards or were the Corps Depots equaly good?
    Who had the best location, Gunners - close to the bright lights of London or a County Regt, ah remember them!
    I only have experience of Catterick circa 1984, it was a dump back then, what's it like now?
  2. Catterick still a dump, I was in depot at the Shot, Buller Barracks mid '70s to be precise, that was an experience.
    8O 8O 8O :twisted: :twisted:
  3. It still is. If you're unfortunate enough to have a room in the O Mess near any of the drains then all you can hear are the heads on the floors above you being flushed down the plastic pipes or the water flowing down the guttering outside your window. The water still comes out brown and the heating still rattles all night and there is no way you can turn the rads off.
  4. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Yeah Buller, RCT depot, was there in '84, what a dump.
  5. Catterick for me was a great start, what wasnt to love? beautiful scenery to run past. food was acceptable, funny but the townies hated the place but i thought it was great. Helles Bks for 10 wks and Vimmy Bks for 7 months. Mountain bikers dream come true.

    Did Resettlement at Aldershot and thought the place was dismal. ate in the tower block, the food was worse than wnak! the people were unfriendly and the whole place seemed to be on an infectious downer. couldnt wait for resettlement to end.

  6. What about Keough Bks, now that is a dump! Did my training at QATC, now that place was lovely- even had single rooms in basic training, how posh is that!!
  7. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Bramcote, Nuneaton, JLRRA. A year long stuggle. Ahhh happy days :twisted:
  8. Has to be Depot Para, Aldershot (any period you like up until they closed it) struck fear into many a mans heart. The Maroon Machine at its best..........churned out double hard bastards by the 4 tonner load. :lol:

    ahh........the humps, flagstaff, long valley, Hungry hill, Engineers bridge.....:wink:
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The Humps !

    Watch those brekkies fly through the air !

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Surely this thread is a bit pointless? Unless somebody has experience of more than one depot how can they be judged against each?

    Anyway the REME depot at Arborfield was the worst. The facilities were crap, the staff brutal, the billets unheated except in summer, you had to catch your own food and the only running water was in the festering Victorian sewer a mile away. And all of us were always on guard at the weekend, which was done to acclimatise us to our new units!
  11. Woolwich - mega dump of a town full of druggies, pound shops and lesbian wheelchair ethnic sexually harrasssed dyslexic housing drop in centres run by the council who hate the barracks and all of the other right wing storm troopers who live in it!
  12. Yeah. But apart from that, what was the problem?
  13. Buller: I was there in the early 70's. Next to my pit was an outside wall with a crack 4" wide running down it. I could see all the way to the Duchess of Kents'.
    Now that's made me remember the feel of fresh blanco on 38 pattern.
  14. It hasn't got any better. The white pebble-dash effect walls on all of the buildings are a bit greyer, the gym still leaks, the stand next to the old parade square looks a mess, and the catering is outsourced to a civvi company that thinks pig slop is the food of choice for soldiers. Best thing they could do is bulldoze it, start again, thenh bulldoze Deepcut and leave it that way!
  15. Poperhinge Barracks at Arborfield (now a housing estate and much better for it). Electricity pylon right in the middle of the parade square, got marched into it a number of times.

    Wooden spiders with bags of rubbish hidden under the floors which is where the rats lived.