The Best of the Best Military Puns


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Those who wear sleeveless shirts like to defend the right to bare arms.
Nice one. That's so funny I just curled one off in my boxers.

Ha ha ha! Oh, lord have mercy.


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Why do I now have the urge to self harm?
Where does Saddam Hussein keep his CDs?
In Iraq (a rack) HAHAHhhaaaa!!

Geddit? A... Rack, Iraq ha!
One can but hope you're better at your day job. :)
Did you hear about the woman who was shagged by 24 soldiers?

It was platoonic.

Yeah fuck you too.
I was in Baghdad before you were in ur Dads was shit when I heard it then and it's still shit now
I was an Artist when I joined, I was told not to by the RSM because I kept drawing fire.

I survived Mustard Gas and Pepper spray and became a seasoned veteran.

it was a bit later when I got my Arms shot off, but I Shouldered on anyway.
Why aren't there any painkillers in the Med Centre?
'Cos the Paras ate 'em all.
Boom Boom!

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