The best of Craigslist

For those of you who are not aware of this jewel in the crown of the internet, amongst other things it is a treasure trove of people who are looking to rodger each other senseless given half a chance in cities around the world. Remind you of anyone?

I have long been an addict of their casual encounters section which amongst other things provides endless hours of reading entertainment and I must confess to having had one or two success stories whilst touring the world through work with ladies who were willing to simply meet up and fuck my brains out in return for two glasses of cheap chardonnay in the hotel bar. If you haven't spent a few hours browsing their nsa sex ads then I can only suggest you shouldn't call yourself a perv. It is often NSFW so be careful.

I'm away again with work at the minute and decided to entertain myself once more with the goings on of the local community. As a consequence of 8 pints since leaving work i can't quite remember how I discover this, but they have a "Best of" section which has had me laughing so much a few drops of pish have crept out.

Entertain yourself fellow pervs: best-of-craigslist
Maybe it's funny if you're pissed but if that's the "best of" I'd hate to trawl through the rest......

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