The Best News Headline Ever?

Can i submit 4 of my favourite old headlines?

Well, I will anyway:

- 'Supercaligoballisticcelticareatrocious' when Inverness Caledonian thistle beat Celtic.
- 'Who's Boris given a pearl necklace to now?' over Boris giving some jewellery to a mistress.
- 'Those who live in crass houses shouldn't stow thrones' The Beckhams when they were arguing about where to put their wedding thrones.
- 'Lulua gets Malari-aria' when the footballer got malaria they decided to take the piss out of his name.
My fave was the one after Pedro Diniz (F1 driver) had fuel sprayed all over his motor by a mong who couldn't connect the fuel line properly. It touched his exhaust and the entire car went up in a 2-second pitstop fireball.

The headline from The Sun? DINIZ IN THE OVEN.
The Sun ran with -THE SHIT HITS THE FAN- when Eric Cantona booted somebody in the stands.

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