The best laid schemes o mice an men

Life can be a complex thing, it is full of trips and follies that can ensnare you. The plans of mice and men (and women) are trivial things when confronted by what really matters. Too often people discover these things too late, often after a serious emotional incident. The fear of losing something or someone can be a powerfull motivator and a reminder that the hustle and bustle of life in todays world is pale in comparison to a loved ones kiss or the security of family. In the same stroke it is during these times that peoples's true characters are apparent, sometimes to your surprise and others to your withering disappointment. With these points in mind and in honour of the Bard's birthday a few quotes for thought, if you have any thoughts or quotes that have helped or guided you feel free to share them here,

"The rank is but a guinea stap, the mans the gowd for a that."

"O ye wha are sae guid yoursel, sae pious an sae holy, ye've nought tae do but mark and tell your Neebors fauts an folly!"

"Nae man can tether time no do or die."

A Red Red Rose

O, my luve's like a red red rose,
That's newly sprung in June,
My luve's like a melodie,
That's sweetly play'd in Tune

So fair thou art my bonnie lass,
so deep in love am i,
Ans I will love thee still my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry
Yeah never like that Wilfred Shakespeare fella......always remember doing Mcbeth in English at school.....remember the phrase "doth mine eyes deceive me?".......thought mine eyes was an austrailian term for salad dressing!!!
Life has many twists and turns. Often when you least expect them. Decisions play a big part of anyones life but when faced with a life changing decision many claim it is too hard or unfair to decide. What is unfair or hard.....Eachdecision will have consequences, some good, some bad. Many want to have their cake and eat it without ever realising that life does not work that way. The pain is when u live with your decision and wonder if in the long term the risk would have been worth it.
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