The best jolly a man can have ??

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sillyboy, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. As stated before I am a poorly bunny,

    Not in a wasting away sense and am certainly not going to pop off at any time soon but have had a bit of a hammering, the original plan was to ease back into work ect ect but I have decided to go for a a global sense. The Mrs is starting her masters this year P/T, the house is bought and paid for, so I am potentially (with the right planning and input) in store for a cracking time !! A mammoth booze fest is out due to my lurgy but the odd night out wont kill me....I am going to start in the U.K. then over to Thailand-Vietnam-Cambodia-(a brief visit to a mate in Rotuma, Fiji)- then onto the lower Pacific Islands then am going to swing back the U.S. way if all goes to plan !

    I know many of you on here have 'been about' a bit and I am looking for some input !!!! And if anyone has any less than salubrious ideas then feel free !!

    The things that would help me formulate some ideas would be any info on the following : :

    (1) Some decent diving, unhurried, uncluttered and pleasing on the eye.

    (2) Quirky, out of the way bars and hangouts, the kind of place where
    names are scratched on walls from the 70's and you can get a free
    feed if you wash up !

    (3) A good place to parachute, just some low level, sports rig, clapped out
    Cessna stuff.

    (4) Monuments, museums, local landmarks, points of interest ect.

    I know this could be put together on the t'internet in a day and be packed, booked and fooked off in seconds few but I am clinging to the fact that service types habitually seek out the 'off the beaten track' stuff, Im switched on with the traveller thing, I wandered around Goa and North Africa for a while and suffered only one indignity, robbed by a group of knee high knife wielders in Asmara, Eritrea !! :oops:

    Cheers all in advance !!

    An excited Reni !! :D
  2. Try the following. johnmitchel35@hotmail .com both will assit you,or even better,
  3. AAGF


    If you're around the Pacific and Hawaii appeals, head for the island of Kauai and look up Gerry Charlebois (Birds in Paradise). For a few hundred dollars, he's fly you all over the island in his microlight - from sheer mountains to whales in shallow water. It's a trip. Gerry has done a lot of stunt work for the movies involving microlights and is a good guy.
  4. Cut the sh1t. If you want the gen on chicks-with-d1cks, just ask. :D
  5. Cut the sh1t. If you want the gen on chicks-with-d1cks, just ask. :D[/quote]

    That perceptive streak of yours will be the death of you ! Go on then, ill have the gen on titty bars, tattoo joints, tranny clubs the works....Oh and I am wanting to visit one of the clinics (a Legs type clinic) for a butchers round ('scuse the pun)
  6. For snagginess, you cannot beat Pattaya in Thailand-it's only 90 minutes from Bangkok and is fantastic ;) . I've been scuba diving there as well-it's alright and there are a couple of decent companies out there. PM me if you want more details.

    If you've got the time (and funding!) head to the South Island in NZ and Queenstown in particular. It is a brilliant place to scare yourself shiless in many different ways (I recommend the riverboarding followed by the canyon swing) and my only regret is not being able to spend more time there. I only found out about the heli-mountain biking on the last day I was there-threaders.
  7. It might be worth having a chat with Backpackers. They do fairly good bespoke packages from 5 star to dusty floors!
  8. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Try New Zealand.

    Everything you need including Parachute jumps, Diving and loads of other mental things that the Kiwis do.
    Christchurch is a beautiful city for those interested in Architecture and cultured stuff.
    The food and booze is top quality and the locals are very pro Brit.

    In all, a great place and top value for money.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    South Africa - got the lot, mountains, shark diving, wine farms, good food and a 13:1 exchange rate to the ££
  10. aha ! the proverbial spanner in the works ! nice one, ill look into it and all of the above,

    Still no news on blart bars though !! :D Is anyone aware of where i can boogie the night away with a couple of 14 year old football boot stitchers ?
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Ok for that you do need to go via Pattaya - I wouldn't touch the locals in SAFF with inner tube covered barge pole.

    However you will find a shed load of lady tourists in Cape Town without trying too hard - get in a Battlefield tour if you can, Rourkes Drift, Spion Kop or Isandlwana.
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Plenty of that type of thing in Auckland NZ.

    Not that I would know first hand of course. :wink:

    SA is also fantastic, Cape Town is a great place and the exchange rate with the Rand means you can live very well for virtually nothing.
  13. As you're winding the trip up, and swinging back to the states, stop off in Belize, more specifically, Ambergris Caye.
    Top spot for diving, and duty rumour is that Raul is opening a "Rose Garden" franchise in San Pedro, so thats your blart sorted.