THE best headline this year.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Tabloids are not part of the state propaganda machine, and they are definitely the cause of these misconceptions.
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  2. I'm sadly disappointed, I thought this would be a headline announcing Tony Blair had been diagnosed with a terminal illness...sigh!
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  3. Sadly these myths have all been so entrenched that it's almost impossible to bust them. People LIKE being angry about these things, just watch the way the thread will go.

    Unfortunately these people have a vote, people who are all too keen to be outraged about stuff but not interested in looking into things to get an accurate picture about what they are actually outraged about.

    Look at the latest one. BRUSSELS TELLS BRITISH GOVERNMENT IT CAN'T LOCK PEADOES UP FOREVER AND EVER... Well no, Brussels said there should maybe be a possibility for a review of individuals cases, depending on the situation.
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  4. Papers know headlines such as this sell papers...

    Any guesses which paper that came from?

    And to reinforce the point they print a nice picture that says bully murdering thug.


    The general public are being played and the sad fact is 90% of them don't even realise it.
  5. The even sadder fact is that our political leaders don't have the balls to stand up to tabloid myths and set the record straight, they are more likely to get votes if they play into the fears of the people.

    The thing is, most people know our papers are full of shite, but if something is constantly repeated at you it ends up sticking at the back of your mind.
  6. people believe what they want to believe.

    It's why they buy either the Mail or the Guardian and never the twain..... They report, broadly, the same news.
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  7. Not only no photos but no phone numbers either.
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  8. It's only July,ask me again in December.
  9. It is to my eternal shame that my parents, although both successful and intelligent people, both read the Mail, and believe it's shit.

    The amount of arguments that we have had along the lines of:

    Mum: Did you see the latest story about whatever in the paper?
    Me: No mum, I'm not a racist, hypocritical sheep.
    Mum: Well it said this about this person / what he did etc etc.
    Me: No that's not true, the Mail as usual has twisted the facts to jerk knees of middle England. Here is what actually happened.....points to details available elsewhere.
    Mum: Well.....I still think it happened / he did it...etc etc.
    Me: Facepalm
  10. Big surprise here then!

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  11. The irony.

    Anyway, the article talks about 10 misconceptions in order to show that the public gets nearly everything wrong.

    In fact, most people think . . .
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