The best goal of all time?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. best goal was Bergkamp for the Arse against Leicester City, sheer magic. it must have been good, Im a Leicester supporter!
  2. Not the best goal ever. Not by a long way.

    As much as I hate the little scouse cunt, Rooneys goal from way out (you know the one) was quality!
  3. THAT Goal by Archie Gemmell.

    Simply the best goal I've ever seen , in the best match Scotland EVER played in 'ra World Cup eh.
  4. Why do people constantly pick out mediocre goals, simply because they were scored by a big name player? :roll:

    This is arguably the best goal ever scored in the Premier League:

    Any d!ckhead can fluke a punt from 50 yards or a hit a shinner from 30, but to beat several players & then lob the goalkeeper? Pure genius.

    Whatever happened to Dalian Atkinson anyway? :?
  5. In that case although im a geordie and most by alan shearer (In particular his volley against everton ) deserve a mention or peter beardsley playing for newcastle against brighton slides in from behind to disposess the defender who falls over then stands and lobs the goalie pure class. How about eric cantona beating three then finishes with a deft little lob i think it was against the mackems but cant be sure
    hey the seagulls may have been with the fishes but that was a fantastic goal
  6. Mediocre? You call that mediocre?

    I'd like to see you pull it off!
  7. Gazzas cracking chip over Hendries head, and volley into the net playing Scotland in Euro '96.
    Sheer class !!
  8. Not many of you around in the Jimmy Greaves era then :wink:
  9. Van Basten from that impossible angle
  10. Michael Owen's goal against the Argy's 98, Not the best but a dam fine one at the time.

    Tuguy scored a cracker the other nite against the yid's.

    Roberto carlo's free kick that swerverd against the frogs.

    or when golden bollox knocked one in at castle grayskull {old trafford} in the last min against Greece.
  11. Ginola's rainbow kick from a few years ago, or maradonnas hand of god .
  12. Seconded..That was skill at its best against a fantastic side
  13. not the best, but a couple of easily forgotten corkers from the premiership in the last two years -

    craig bellamy's impossible shot on the break last season - left hand edge of the area, full tilt, nowhere to go and somehow manages to smash it into the top right hand corner. sooo glad we signed the feisty little b*stard :)

    patrick berger's 40 yd effort from the free kick - back to goal, receives short pass, dinks it up and volleys it on the turn - amazing skill.
  14. Steven Gerrard's in the fa cup final last year, And his one they use to advertise HD tv in the Champions league