The Best Glass House you were banged up in

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robbeaus, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. OK this thread is time for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.:)
    Its dedicated to that wonderful time known as Jankers, Chokey, or the little house in the corner [ok i made that one up]
    Also required offense and how long?
    I was a Royal Corps of Truckies, so all spells done with other regiments
    I'll start, three tours of duty;
    1st Verden, HQ 1 Armd Div [Royal Scabies Place]. Too pissed to go on active edge, but knew i needed by rife, so drew it out and cuddled her in me pit to keep her safe like you would. 7 days March him out Sgt Major
    2nd NI Palace Barack's, Royal Scots [I think]. ND Falls road. 7 days March him out Sgt Major
    3rd 2Sqn RCT Hohna, Pissed as a fart 1st Duty as L/Cpl to celebrate like you do, bust to Driver & 7days MHO Sgt Major, by far the best as i was crocked at the time and couldn't be beested

    Later on retired and a civy i was on a coach tour of Germany and got the driver to stop outside Hohna gates as we were passing and the Duty Sgt very kindly allowed us to have a guided tour of the place. Me very proudly showing everybody where i slept.
  2. One day in HCR for "Being with someone who kicked a plant pot over outside someones house, whilst drunk".
    5 of us wore that one, so had some good company.