the best foreign town you have been to ?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by semper, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. post here which town you think its the best you have ever been to and why bers, pubs, local talent etc
  2. Hong Kong - everything the single man could want. And casual sex is cheaper than a bigmac :D
  3. Berlin......when the wall was up.
  4. Has to Tallinn, capital city of Estonia. Beautiful, friendly, good beer and very beautiful women. Snows in winter with summer average of 30 degrees.

    Great place I can't promote this place enough.
  5. Aye berlin. Summit house on a friday night........Ku Damm...stagging on, hess style.
  6. Thun (Switzerland) - beautiful scenery, great mountains nearby & a World-standard rifle & pistol range (1973 World Champs were held there, IIRC).

    For sex & drugs it would have to be Amsterdam, but I hate the place.
  7. Berlin,

    Starlights, Mon Cheries, ah, the filth, free buses, soviet arms (opps!)
  8. Edmonton, Canada Rocking place {Borbon St in the mall} The Elephant and castle, Plus all the clubs and loads of women who love your accent.

    Anywhere in Cyprus second.
  9. ... and you can buy a 0.5L bottle of 80% proof vodka for around a fiver :twisted:
  10. Reykjavik, Iceland.

    Went there for a stag night years ago. Nice place, cracking birds - who aren't backwards in being forwards - all about 6ft with cracking figures, and more women than men, all in all, really friendly people who love the Brits (especially Jocks in Kilts :wink:).

    Only place I've ever been with a nightlub that gives preferential entry to blokes over birds!!!!!!

    Only setback is it is VERY expensive. Talking up to £10 for a pint in some places.
  11. The Monchers! What a place! The bath was ace!
  12. Zagreb. I have never seen so much good looking totty. Oh yes, there are loads of good looking totty too Fwwwaaarrrrr crumpet
  13. Sydney.

    So nice, one day I shall live there.
  14. You're not wrong. I took the wife back for a week a few years ago just to see the changes and it was actually a bit of a downer. Won't go into it, but the 'Berliner' humour seemed to have gone with the wall, leaving a big dirty city. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places....
  15. .....aaaah, Mon Cherie..... You didn't come out of that water any cleaner.....