The best fathers day ever.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shorncliffe_Rifles, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Yes - Where do I sign up

  2. No - We are all Europeans now and I love them all

  1. This weekend, I believe I will be having the best fathers day weekend ever.

    Tomorrow night I will be watching England play in a bar just off the battle field of Waterloo. After that watching the biggest fireworks display in Europe to mark the 195th anniversary of the battle. Then after a few beers, kip for the night in the grounds of Hugomont, where the Guards fought so bravely.

    Saturday, I'm joined by about 3000 loons to fight our way through a small village with guns, cannons, swords and rockets.

    On Sunday, we will be repelling Napoleons army, form into squares when his donkey whallopers get too close and finally fighting off the Old Guard.

    I will be eating BBQ all weekend and drinking belgium beer.

    Sunday afternoon I return to the bosom of my family and a huge hug from my daughter and a card she made at Brownies.

    Did you have fun on fathers day daddy? Fcuking right sweetheart!

    Best wishes to all Dads out there.
  2. I saw no mention of casual sex. There should really be camp followers re-enactment too.

    By the way, you are aware that it's not really Napolean's Old Guard, aren't you?
  3. Napolionic walt
  4. If you happen to impale Croque_Monsieur, much obliged.
  5. Well thats the casual sex sorted. Are you expecting photos?
  6. Father's Day. ............ Bah humbug! more Septic though up crap produced to take money off the gullible.
    Even ruined Mothering Sunday.
  7. I plan on sleeping in... although I suspect my wife and son will have differant ideas. Anyway, enjoy your reenactment... hope the food isn't authentic as well. :p
  8. My ideal Father's Day involves lots of oral sex. I've fed and housed the llittle bastards these last 6 years, about time I got something back.
  9. Uh... right... you might want to rephrase that a little bit. 8O
  10. Was it the Welsh thing? It was wasn't it? Oh god, don't let anyone mistake me for one of them.

    'Llittle', by all that's Holy...
  11. the best fathers day would be having my father by my side watching the football, unfortunatly he died 2 years ago may 30th miss you DAD.
  12. Building up to being a great one France beaten by Mexico, England win tomorrow and the kids taking me out Sunday, just need something for Saturday.
  13. The only good thing about france is the age of consent (15)
  14. Khyors,
    He's from East Ayrshire incest is allowed there just look at this fine set of East Ayrshire natives

    Well for me would be able toget in touch with my daughter as its her birthday on Monday ....fcuking ex wife :x
  15. DRINK!!!! THAT'S the answer.Just get pissed and let the whole thing go by in a haze :D