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Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Big_Floater, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. Okay boys 17 years of RLC.. Time for a bit of Oscar nominations..... Who has been the best Commanding Officer within the Corps and who has been Dire.. You can post names if you want or just reference them in time and date.. I'll start.

    Previous CO of a Gutersloh Regiment Dire due to no direction and constant stamping of feet, plus Shite at SJARs, Current CO of same Regiment Quality.. ;), understands his troops and is very much on top of his game with the entire Regiment and can spot a bluffer from 5 miles away.. also very fair...

    Interested to know What u boys think of the previous 17 years worth of RLC Commanding Officers...
  2. Good shout TBF,

    I will see you and raise you! A previous CO of the same Gutersloh Regiment you refer to; big walrus tache, now a 1*, first in last out (TELIC 1). Had fantastic penmanship, understood his soldiers, great sense of humour, worked hard and played hard. A superb leader and an absolute legend!
  3. CO of 10 Regt 99-2002. Soon to be 2* I hear.
  4. CO 3 CS Regt 2003, Giant of a man loved a beer with the boys and took no crap from above or below. 1* now. Top Bloke.
  5. Brilliant, another thread that enables the slagging off of the CoC within the RLC in a public form. It might just me or are we the only Regt/Corps that seem to do this - I haven't notice any threads in the other forums doing so.

    Is it any wonder we get tagged as whinging REMF's, by the rest of the Army.
  6. I dont see any slagging off.
  7. Stop whinging you REMF!! ^~
  8. BoS; My bold.
  9. Stinker if you trawl through the Bleep forum, you will see a similar thread for RSMs. BoS has a valid point tho' , a lot more positive posts then negative.
  10. Not a CO but the COS of 16AA Bde on Telic 1 was RLC.

    The hat **** was the biggest stroker I've ever had the misfortune to meet.

    His hatred was enough to warrant some interesting portaloo graffiti, along the lines of "Maj ******** will be shot in the back of the head the moment he passes the start line".

    Admittedly, not very subtle but straight to the point I thought.
  11. Come on Fellas This is to congratulate those CO's who have shown good leadership and ability.. not to slate them, we all know bad but what abut the good.
  12. Oh yeah sorry. To the hole with this thread!
  13. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Breaking a golden site rule with this one so I'm going to lock it. "No direct identification of......"
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