The best chocolate in the Easter thread.

You're right, there is absolutely no resemblance at all:

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Rabbits are well known for their distinctive orange and brown spots.
OK, i concede defeat, you win. I suppose Lindt, being a Swiss company, and totally land locked, and their farms and fields are awash with rabbits, and don't have any giraffes roaming about in their mountains and valleys, they have based their design on their own rare breed of unique yodeling carrot munchers..
Haigs of Adelaide is pretty special but I do like Lindt as a cheap one.

My mums Uncle was Swiss and we used to get a box of Swiss chocolate every year when they came over to visit, always nicer than the other chocolates we got.

Haigs Adelaide:

Cadbury's Cream Eggs x 3 for a £. Eat whole one after the other. Feel slightly sick and sort of hyper within an hour.

No more chocolate cravings. Job done.


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Bleagh.....You are a sick man and need therapy.
Bleagh.....You are a sick man and need therapy.
Many years ago when I used to drive from BAOR back to blighty via Calais Dover I used to fill a bag with every chocolate bar you could name and a few cans of Fanta. Do the whole drive in one go, feel sleepy, a couple of bars, a can if Fanta, sorted.



Can anyone guess what ARRSE user this makes me think about?


Since when has ARRSE been in the confectionary business?

Some viewers may prefer this.





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I enjoyed the hospitality of Bragg in 2002, before everything got all bent out of shape.....we got the establishment tour with an eight foot Airborne name of Brigadier R***r.

Interesting place, gradually getting rebuilt with accommodation where two people shared facilities rather than 20 man rooms. This was part of the information gathering for our own SLAM project.

On the way back to Charlotte, our driver pulled in for a coffee stop at a Krispy Kreme Donut stop where you could watch the assembly line.......the annual sugar output of a small Caribbean country passed before us.....

@Dumbas - Thanks for the reminder re Whittaker's from NZ. This stuff IIRC:

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Not half bad as I remember; been a while.

The bitter aftertaste to Cadbury's closing

Seems like Mondelez are set on crushing their once leading global competitor by destroying the brand......good long-term strategy..
Bah! Camp Benning is where real men go for boot and FT Rucker, named for my favorite Confederate general, is where one goes to fly.
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Ritter sports.. I got a taste of these lovely chocolate bars when in BAOR. Home bargains sometimes have them but only a few flavors. Coming back from Nuremberg a few years ago, my hand baggage was a carrier bag with one of every flavour, 24 in all.
Lidl stock Ritter Sport in many flavours, usually 99p each., check out all of Lidl's choc types, some are goppen but some are very moreish..
Some of the best own brand choc bars in BAOR were found in Ratios stores, they did a brill milk choc coffee one and their alpine milk was good too.
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