The best Bratty wagon East of Venlo

Ok, which was the best Bratty wagon (either static or stalking you) or cheap eaterie East of Venlo?

Excellent Bratty wagon in Berlin near the Europa Centre , big chrome thing I seem to remember with a load of pissed up Squaddies and German students forming a disorderley queue, there was the one outside RAF Gutersloh (as then was) which was always good for a late beer and a currywurst.

Any others?


The Fat Man Under The Railway Bridge, as he was also known, also did a mean gyros. Odd lisp, and didn't respond to you unless you tried your best pidgeon German on him, probably for his amusement.

There was a pretty handy bratty-stand on the Sennestadt - Paderborn road, IIRC, for a snack on the way back from leave.

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