The Best Bond Girl

Just because it's the 50th Anniversary of the release of 'Dr No', I thought I'd start a thread on the Bond lasses, inviting fellow ARRSErs to make their suggestions. It shouldn't just be on the basis of looks, but on what the actress in question brought to the film she was in.

Obviously there are several candidates, but I will start by nominating Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hama) from 'You Only Live Twice'. Firstly, it's because aside from Michelle Yeoh's character in 'Tomorrow Never Dies' Kissy is basically the toughest Bond girl of the lot. Right at the end of the film, she swims from Blofeld's island to the mainland to summon the good guys (diving to avoid being strafed by a gunship on the way). She then returns with a company of ninjas, and plays a full part in the firefight with SPECTRE that follows. No cowering in the corner waiting for 007 to rescue and then shag her.

Secondly and thirdly, there's these:


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