the best army in the world?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bloody hell. That link should be called something along the lines of: "Who has the most spelling mistakes, typos and badly written English in the World . . . . Bugger it's this thread!"
  2. lmao at guy using computer games to justify american forces as the best.

    I spy a walt
  3. yer i laughed at him too,

    before i got to the second answer i already knew there was a "americans kick ass yeah!" coming over the horizon.

    anyone actually written on it from arrse?

  4. AAC guy flash ? probably not, not insulting enough
  5. Looks to me like there are a few too many "Other Nations" who have a seriously inflated opinion of their own Armed Forces... I am not about to say "Its the British, just because I am", but I'll state categorically that, having worked several times with the septics, they could not find their own arrse with a GPS.......
  6. LOL, i like this little mofos answer, maybe he needs to get off his fat arrse, away from his PC and get a life, LOL:


    I would like to know why every one just reverts to britan. They do not have anything compared to USA. Besides, britan would not even be here is if was not for USA. we have more soldiers, Better soldiers,more nukes tg=han any other country and better technology than anyother army in the world. WE EVEN TRAIN OTHER CONTRY'S SOLDIERS!!!(yes britan)And why is it that WE are mentioned in about evbery RTS and FPS game outhere? huh? why isnt it britan china and the terrorist in all of EA's games (or any other) ITS NOT!!! its USA becasue USA IS KICK BUT!thats just a comparison between USA and britan. Now the best is probly china.. they have lots of stuff

    ''britan would not even be here is if was not for USA'' - LOL, Are you sure?? I think you've read you history book right to left again, LOL
    ''Better soldiers'' - Obviously is illiterate and doesn't watch the news
    ''WE EVEN TRAIN OTHER CONTRY'S SOLDIERS!!!'' - The US only trains the Soldiers of countries they've invaded, and even then the British do the Majority of that role (obviously to giv the newly trained military of the invaded country some credibility) LOL
    ''And why is it that WE are mentioned in about evbery RTS and FPS game outhere?'' - Eeerrmm, maybe because most gaming companies are US?? God this boy is a fcuk wit, t**t, dribbling, c*m stain, :)
    ''USA IS KICK BUT'' - Yess, and its normally their own that they kick, through friendly fire...

    So all in all another very clever, well educated, fcuk wit from the American education system.
  7. And the meek shall inherit the Earth, now this guy is talking boll ocks!
  8. Very much agreed VerminWA, does that mean the Pope's a field marshal??
  9. Even the Finnish Army gets a run.

    Although my fav is the North Korean mention.

  10. If they trace the IP on this post^^, then bingo, you'd find out where Bin Laden's at... ;)
  11. No one seams to mention the French Army..... But then again we all know why? Can we start another list on their "Who has the wrost Army in the World and Why?"
  12. Yaay, I contributed the first answer to your question Tango34
  13. The Pope a fieldmarshall? No but with his background and the vatican army he coulb be a gruppenfuhrer :?