The best and worst ranges?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Speedy, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Where are they and why are they sometimes designed to make every range day a trial by ordeal. I'll go first.


    Sennelager. They're flat, modern (well, up to date) have decentish shelters for when not firing or in the butts and NAFFI\Brattie wagons make regular stops.


    Tregantle Fort. Not counting the altitude difference between 300m and the butts, the sheer effort and drudgery of climbing up and down that hill for a week solid is soul destroying, not to mention doing my first range package there in training in '87 and my last on in '99 I still have nightamres about being made to trench hop up and down that bloody range. On my last range package there we tried to do a shoot in a gale with the wind and rain coming in off the Atlantic horizontal so fierce that it swamped our iron sights and blinded us. Whan laying on the point you have to angle your weapon down at 45 degrees to line up with the targets (not forgetting the extra sharp stones used to cover the firing points) it was especially fun with the old LMG.
    Can there be any worse?
  2. You think being on the range there is shit, try being told by your Sqn that you're going as a medic for the range, then spending 8 hours a day for 5 days sat in the sangar on top of the fort or at the end of the cliff making sure civvies don't wander past a gimpie range.
  3. Best - Barry Budden.

    Worst - Whitburn.
  4. I think I'd rather have been on the swan as a range sentry than running up and down those soddin' ranges with an incline of almost 1 in 1. F**k my legs hurt after the first couple of runs. Who in their right mind puts a rage on a slope like that?
  5. Best: Warcop or Ballykinler
    Worst: A range near Cambridge (don't know name), butts smelt of stale pee.
  6. The ITR range at ASH has not only the electric targets but also a padded firing point sheer bliss. What idiot decided that sharp stone would be the best surface from which to dig your elbows in?
  7. Tregantle fort is a silly range .Only enjoyment i ever got on the range was watching the snipers sink some fishermans lobster pot after the 3rd time he had sailed in to the danger zone .For sheer annoynce factor must be designed by a mover :lol: .
  8. best - warcop as long as you want to practice in the wet

    worst, agree Whitburn is bad, especially having to stop for boats, but Nescliffe is also pretty bad if its still there
  9. I enjoyed Whitburn , like Pippin bloody fort !!

    Bad: Benbecula, Otterburn, Barry budden , but they were all wet n windy
  10. Best---- Altcar in Liverpoooool!

    Worst---- Castle law in Edinburgh, try taking the range flags out there and you had better get your mountain climbing gear on.
  11. I think the nicest range I have been to is Mere in Wiltshire - or is it Somerset? Beautiful setting in a natural bowl in the downs and nicely kept in its day. Of course it has been demolished now, since the lease ran out.

    There was a time when I wore two hats, one TA and one ACF. Wearing my ACF hat I took some little urchins there to shoot one weekend. One of them spotted that four square feet of the Range Warden's car was visible at the side of the mantlet and promptly put two rounds through the rear window.

    Cue red flag waving in the butts and a speaking part at an inquiry. Nothing more was said when it was found that there were two different sets of range orders in existence - quite took the heat off me.
  12. It is an awful range - have you seen the hill you have to walk up to get to the sangar on the far right as you look towards the sea? Must be about a f*cking 15:1 slope.

    Not that I had to do it since I was a full screw and the other two sentries were Siggies :wink:
  13. Anyone use the CGR at Beckingham? Not much to it but trully the most manicured range I've ever been on in 20 yrs plus. I'm sure I can remember the Grass being striped. The range warden at the time couldn't do enough for you.

    Barry's a great range complex too, for those thank its wet & windy in the summer its warm enough to swim in the sea.

    Anyone here used Dreghorn??
  14. Fond memories of a falling plate range at Otterburn. I almost did quite well with live rounds and bayonet proudly fixed! Well, that is quite well for me.

    Not so fond memories of the falling plate range at Sennybridge near (West of?) the stone cottage. Live firing attack, humping 51mm mortar (I don't know what I did that day) and very knackered! However, the low flying jets added a certain ambience - well done to the Trg Maj for arranging those! ;) !

    Castlelaw bites the big one - the flag is indeed an onerous duty. There is worse. We ended up in the middle of nowhere on a range in the Scottish borders, perhaps to the south of Galashiels (anyone know where?). Yours truly was made one of (many) range sentries with the vital task of "securing" the (large and porous) perimeter as the range was inconveniently crossed with many hill-walking tracks. 6 hours of boredom were interrupted with an argument with an obstructive hillwalker who decided - against my polite and firm advice to take his chances and walk towards the loud bangs. I felt like a right kn0b having to radio in this occurence (iaw SOPs) rather than physically defending the Queen's Range at the risk of injury to life and limb, although at least I managed to get the radio to work.

    I recall that the role of range sentry was much in demand of those with over-large hangovers who had not had enough sleep or who felt too incapacitated to fire and wished to make use of the combination of sleeping bag and sentry box. I will proudly state that I was never among those, although there were perhaps one or two occasions when I had to fight through the haze and probably could have cleaned the rifle by breathing down the barrel instead of using the pullthrough and flannelette.