The best and the worst!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by pokerknot, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. hello all

    I am starting my basic training at Pirbright next month, i am joining the RLC so thought i should introduce myself on this part of the forum, but i was also after abit of insight into army life in the RLC, i have been looking through the threads using the search button and i have seen alot like best and worst regiment etc... but cannot see one thats along the lines best and worst moments so thought i would start one to try and gain abit of insight, there are obviously things you cant mention due to opsec but i would appreciate any fond or bad memories you may have !!

    I am obviously only just starting out but my best memory so far would have to be passing selection and the worst was waiting around for a date for basic.
  2. Wah right?
  3. best= getting back from the football after a convincing 3-1 win for the rovers
    wortst= reading this
  4. Best - Joining a Corps with it's own history and traditions

    Worst - Being amalgamated into the RLC :D

  5. Yawn... bore off with the old sweat pish, Its been that way for 16 years now get over it. Im sure If you were that anti- RLC you'd have binned it by now.
  6. I did, back in 94 :D And apparently nothing has changed since, other than the fact that it's got worse, judging by the amount of gripes on Arrse about the RLC
  7. Knob!!! The RLC are doing a lot of good work, there is good and bad in every corps/regiment...the majority of gripes on here are by tossers who have nothing better to say!!!
  8. Fcuk me, you lot bite easy, I take it that the smiley in my first post wasn't an indication as to the humour intended on this subject, lighten up will ya.
  9. well based on all of the above i think i have my insight !!
  10. Hiya, I'm a visitor, from Sappers, but I thought this was relevant to the thread.

    I went to the 22 year dine out of 2 RLC WO1s last night, I don't really know them but I like a good dine out.

    I'd just like to say that the scran was some of the best I've had at a dinner night and I've been a Sgts' Mess Member since 1993.

    Smoked duck starter, monkfish next, tequila/herby shot in lieu of sorbet, chateaubriand and marmite potatoes for main, baileys cheesecake, port, cheese and coffee.

    Some well thought out speeches, lots of leg-pulling and humour and an appropriate amount of sentiment.

    Well done and good luck to the 2 RLC blokes (both heavily to blame (or thank) for PAYD, apparently).

    Who said Army cooks can't chef? (Apart from me at every available opportunity!!!!!!)
  11. Shame our corps seems to have the monopoly off the bad then. Still as long as we have our TRFs showing, that all that matters.
  12. Fucking hell, you still alive old man?
  13. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stacker1, not being into the politics of who is who on ARRSE, can I ask if you are serving (I assume you are or based on your name you have served)? If you are serving, and you have that opinion, bit sad really and what are you doing to sort it out ?

    If you are not serving, what are you basing your comments on ? Seriously, I am genuinely interested - I am not trolling or looking for a slagging match.

    Fact is, Macscruff is right. On ops and elsewhere, RLC soldiers are doing great stuff - fact. So, given your view, I would be genuinely interested in knowing where you think the RLC are going wrong (OPSEC ack). Believe me, if I think your points are valid, I can and will pass them onto the right people who have the ability to change things. I am all for constructive crticism, so fire away.

    A final note - no org is perfect but the word on the street, according to many friends and colleagues (many of whom have been on ops in Iraq and AFG) is the RLC are stand up people who do the best they can and do it well. Oh, on my last deployment in 2008, which was not in a Brit CoC, when I asked, the RLC were doing well...

    Over to you.
  14. Yes I am serving, I based it on turning up for PT lessons and seeing between 30 and 50% of soldier apparently on the sick yet are miraculousy cured for AT and sports.
    I base it on the number of fat bastards we have wobbling around the Corps, the same fat bastards who have the gold plated sick chit yet think nothing of volunteering the toms for every shit job under the sun.
    I base it on fit soldiers being taking off courses to go on exercises while a downgraded soldier goes on the course instead.
    I base it on downgraded soldier getting the cushy jobs (and sometimes the acting rank and pay that goes with it) while the fit soldiers get hit with all the work.
    I base it on going to battle camps and having to listen to people who get their soldiering skill from the bumper book of soldiering advice written by a Mr W. Mitty, usually to the amusement of the infantry regiment who are on the same camp.
    I base it on gobshites going on about strength and aggression when they are waffling on about being a soldier first yet when you suggest doing some milling suddenly the majority crawl up their own arses.

    Theres more but I thought that would do for now.
    Thats at more than one main loggie regiment.
    As well as trying to protect the toms from the shit from above I brought up some of those points to the DRLC, as well as numerous officers below him.
  15. stacker - yeah, course you did. Perhaps you are a bit of a one trick pony. Fit, but mince. With awesome (but unproven) soldiering skills. Could it be that you are not getting courses because, shock, you might be a bit of a whinging dick?

    Did not see any mention of the performance of the RLC on operations - is that because - A. You have been on tour and thought we all did a good job? or B. Have not been on tour, therefore have no experience.

    Not seen one positive post from you on here, ever - in the 4063 times you have posted that is. Maybe it is you that might be in the wrong job, not every one else? Just a thought.