The Best And The Brightest

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Glad_its_all_over, Nov 17, 2016.

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  1. We've been doing that since at least 2010...
  2. You asked (apparently re-floated since):

  3. I can understand people not agreeing with my post, but why the SABC @alfred_the_great ?

    The military has been cut to the bone and beyond. Even allowing for people with axes to grind the financial state of the military does not inspire confidence.

    We will soon have an aircraft carrier with some aircraft but a naval missile gap of two years. The infrastructure is in dire need of repair. A set of local married quarters had to be refurbished before they were deemed acceptable for civilians to use them.

    I am sure that the services will continue to attract talented individuals but is it nowadays a long term career or more like joining BHS seven or eight years back?
  4. I'd mention at this point that my Regular Army career was wholly undistinguished, lasting 22 years with only occasional brushes (at Christmas, Sergeants' to Officers' Mess) with the grown up clever folk, just before someone accused me of being a passed-over SO2 or something. Oddly, in the intervening nearly 17 years since leaving, no-one has ever - ever - asked me what rank I was while serving and I seem to have done OK in my civilian career.
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