The best AAC t-shirt youve seen?

The one with your mum on it getting spitroasted by an aircrew.
Far from the best, in fact the worst

'Hoot and Roar with 664'
that would have to be 655 Sqn's doorgunner flight t-shirt with a bulldog on front equipped with gimpy and the catchy "first round's on us" emblazoned underneath.
657 Squadrons Door Gunner Flight.

"At Least Your Mum Thinks I'm Special"

It made me piss myself! But then I do have a bladder caption most of the time......
Made my own 658 sqn T up as 65late sqn chairborne the T.W.A.T.S are hats.....went down well on Airborne brigade excesises...
Hi Chaps
I've just designed a TShirt for the AAC and, it's a new concept for me as it's full colour. I've got the sample as I now need to test wash it a few times to make sure I'm happy with the durability of the design as all my other RAC shirts have been screen printed. The finished design will have a better block colour finish but it gives you an idea of the finished product. If I get enough positive feedback from you, I'll put it in my ebay shop where 10% will automatically go to H4H or The Army Benevolent Fund according to sizes. Cost will be somewhere between £10.00p and 13.50 + P&P to be confirmed. Of course, you may wish to suggest different text??Cheers chaps.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn, not as much feedback as I'd have liked I'm afraid but, the design has a problem.........the transfer process is okay after a couple 40 degree washes and stays firmly fixed but, I'm not happy with the quality, it could simply be better and I refuse to sell people anything less than the best. So, I'm going to redesign it for screen printing as per my normal designs on the Malcywear page of my website. I also thought about a bit more text underneath like 'Feel my downdraught' or 'Sucking on Avgas' possibly?? Then again perhaps not. It is of course possible that you'd prefer the design embroidered on a polo shirt in full colour??
Now, I would appreciate some feedback for colours maybe white on an Olive shirt or black on sand, silver or white on Navy??? Your comments would genuinely be appreciated gents.

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