I am currently compiling a short series of novelettes looking back over a 30 year period in Uniform (and out of it as well). The Marsh Arabist has already reviewed one of my efforts and can attest to the seriousness of this request.

I would be grateful if any ex-7 Int Coy personnel could help me along with memories of the Berlin Military Train, "The Berliner", particularly with regards to what we saw, how we worked, were followed by (Hip E from Stendal), personalities, barracks and sidings, and more importantlywhat we got up to in Berlin after dropping off our briefcase at 3 Int & Sy Coy,(Edinburgh House, Olympic Stadium Transit Accommodation, "Stutti" Platz, Flag Tours etc).

Think it might also be a bit of fun for the youngsters to see how we did things and what we got up to when laptops, the Internet, e-mail, I-pods, personal stereos etc hadn't been invented.
The Marsh Arabist has already reviewed one of my efforts and can attest to the seriousness of this request.
TMA will say anything, if you give him half a "Texan" bar and a soft, absorbent pillow. 8O

Though not Int I remember the laugh we caused at Marienbourne when Prince Obolenski was train guard commander the Russian officer nearly had a fit
Also not Int but did a few trips up and down from Berlin in the mid-80s. Still have a few good stories and memories of that era.
I remember the berlin military train.
Usually when squaddies go on a trip, we are given crappy sandwiches but I remember all ranks being served a 3 course meal, served to them where they sat, but it was always timed when we pulled into the "ruski" station where papers were checked, whether it was 11 am or 3 pm, and I always felt lunch was served at this time to pish the watching russian guards off
Far more interesting would be some of the adventures during the three days in Berlin; like the 21 guy who volunteered in the porn club then couldn't manage it!! How we larffed!! Same guy couldn't get out of the pool in the sauna club when getting the eye from a sprightly naked 90ish(?) lady and it had a strange effect on his manhood!!
Grotty Charlotte wild drunken nights that always ended up in a sauna/sex club, where did my youth go.
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
The Marsh Arabist has already reviewed one of my efforts and can attest to the seriousness of this request.
TMA will say anything, if you give him half a "Texan" bar and a soft, absorbent pillow. 8O

Can you still get these?

I used to love them.

"A mighty long chew"
google it, i don't think you can get Texan bars any more... but i remember them well from the 70s when i were a nipper... along with Toffos - i particularly liked the multi-flavoured ones. :)
My job at Rheindahlen at the time was lecturing on personal security and training. I would travel all around BAOR to different regiments advising them on being careful about careless talk etc.

I was then lucky enough to go on the train to Berlin to stay at Edinburgh House with my husband who was then in 7 Coy and was going there for a weeks visit.

It was summer time and I was dressed in my bright pink shorts as we boarded a local train for a trip round the city. Suddenly the underground train went above ground and I saw the Brandenburg Gate - only trouble was, we were the wrong side of it............

We had accidently made an illegal crossing to the East. My pink shorts very nearly turned brown. 'Just keep quiet and we'll change trains at the next station' my husband said.

My pink shorts were screaming 'Look at me, Look at me' as we strolled past the armed guards and everyone else dressed in dull grey garbs. This was the stuff of nightmares. Siberian salt mines were springing to mind.

Anyway, we got on a train going back the other way which took a lifetime to leave the station and the utter relief as we crossed back was indescribable. Even now I wonder how we would have got out of that if caught and considering who we were and what jobs we did - it just doesn't bear thinking of.

Thats my guilty secret which has now been exposed!
Berliner - Young 7 Int Coy LCpls going East, plenty of oooh look at the tanks, very hungover group a day later going West, having booked baggage in the evening before and staggered out of Sticky Platz, Mon Cheri with minutes to spare.

A certain Cpl, who should have known better considering the days of his service, buying a young lady drinks as it was polite, not to happy to receive the bill, a young LCpl, who did not know better throwing up in the doorway to said establishment.

The guessing game in a cafe near Edinburgh House where a young waitress enjoyed the attention as we guessed her knicker colour (polkadot if I recall) only to be left slightly indignent when asked how long they had been on!

Superb days!
I am reminded of the time we did a train trip with an old and bold Cpl, an ex- Darksider who had spent some time on the RP Staff at Ashford. I was unfortunate enough to be on one train trip with him constantly drawing attention to himself in the dining car of the Berliner by shouting out loudly what piece of kit we had just passed or enquiring what was the rank of the Soviet standing by a level crossing.

We needed a few beers by the time we arrived in Berlin but he tagged along with us to Grotty Charlotty, where, after enquiring how to chat up the "girls" because his German was so poor, we persuaded one old granny to chat him up for a packet of cigarettes and then let her rip him off behind a curtain whilst we went on to more pleasurable things. Despite being told not to, I believe he got on the S Bahn, instead of the U Bahn but luckily (or unluckily depending on your point of view) was spotted by an off duty Monkey before crossing East. By the time we were due to return West, he had quitened down considerably, no doubt because he was invited to an interview without coffee by OC 7 Int Coy and was going to have to explain to his wife exactly how he managed to spend DM 1500 in 3 days.

Methinks NNB that you and your husband must have boarded an S Bahn Train as well, because the U Bahn didn't travel into the East.
For the train spotters, check out some of the 79 Railway Squadron RCT websites, whiles normally the train was administed by 62 Tpt & Mov Regt RCT, 79 Railway Squadron RCT had some behind the scene involvement, servicing and tech support etc.

History of the train and general info via this means including route etc which was classified years ago.

Some interesting stories use to come back to us at 'MG' about 'incidents' on the train. It was believed that the Berlin Commander would be unavailable on leave in the UK or courses etc, when the pad brats travelled to Berlin on the train from the boarding schools, allegedly lots of complaints from the Russians and the East Germans.

Note; 79 Railway Squadron RCT would have provided the locomotive drivers if 'Live Oak' had happen using DB 216 locomotives provided from Hanover.

I did a few runs up to Berlin sitting on the right hand side of the first railway cariage to 'read the route' and carried out servicing to the the Kitchen Diner Coach, the one with the big RCT badges on, in Alexander Barracks, more of a jolly and recce.

I am keeping quiet about my off duty experiences in Berlin, but I used to go through shed loads of DM's
particular when Octobefest was on.

I may have met a number of 'Int Personel' during the Live Oak exercises when the 'test train' was running around West Germany pracisting the real thing with the French and American railway coaches attached.

Who remembers when the 'test train' caught fire in the expensive reconditioned Kitchen Diner in 1984/85 lots of red faces at the German coach builders when it was found the gas pipes had not been fitted correctly causing the gas stove to go up.

It was a very sad day when the 'WALL' came down, I want my 'COLD WAR' back.



SO3 G2 HQ Berlin Inf Bde "How many tanks did you see in Kirchmoeser?"

SO3 G2 20 Armd bde "Oh about six or seven"

LCpl MV "You were lucky Sir, I saw so many I couldn't count them"


LCpl K** K****, 6 Int Coy "I don't know where my trousers are Sir, and my ID Card is in them"

2IC 7 Int Coy "How do you expect to get through the checkpoints on the train Cpl K****?"

Scouser K** "I'll hide in the bogs Sir, like I do at home"


WO2 Mick McGinily (RIP god bless him) "Cpl MV, do a read out on Kirchmoeser 521, 123 Tank Repair Workshop"

Cpl MV "OMFG, here we go again....."

Methinks NNB that you and your husband must have boarded an S Bahn Train as well, because the U Bahn didn't travel into the East.
Not quite true. The U6 ran from Alt Mariendorf to Alt Tegel via Friedrichstrasse where it also stopped (Friedrichstrasse being a crossing point). The U8 ran from Leinestrasse to Paracelsusbad via Alexander Platz where it did not stop.

As for the S Bahn, the S2 ran from Lichtenrade to Frohnau via Friedrichstrasse (again stopping here), while, less usually, the S3 ran between Wannsee and Friedrichstrasse stopping at Lehrter Bahnhof to exchange drivers!

One of the interesting aspects of the S2 journey was to go slowly through the so-called "Shadow Stations" without stopping and just see a couple of border guards strolling up and down.

Friedrichstrasse was popular for the Berliners in those days for stopping off and buying duty-free booze and fags at the Intershop on the platform. I used to drop off there once a month to pick up EG military and modelling magazines.
My first trip in 1976 was with the late Sgt Stu Jesson (God Rest Him) and another Lance Corporal who we shall call P*** S******, although his real name was P*** S******, just as obnoxious and arrogant then as he was a WO1 later. It was an excellent learning curve from Stu, who I got on with particularly well as we served together across the water, and was still in the days when we stayed in Edinburgh House and had to use BAFVs in the NAAFI and other places.

We went for a night on the p*** down around Stutti Platz where Stu asserted his authority to prevent us getting ripped off trying to persuade us to buy drinks for the ladies at inflated prices in the bars by threatening to raid them ! Got approached on numerous occasions by Germans offering to buy BAFVs at highly inflated prices, and the offer of other "favours" for a pack of 200 cigarettes or a jar of NAAFI coffee.

After drinking all night non stop we ended up in the French Sector at Tegel where Stu persuaded the French to provide us with breakfast, as we were on official duty, and managed to get a huge discount on perfume for his wife at the Economat. We missed our briefing that morning at 3 Int & Sy Coy at the Olympic Stadium and turned up late in the afternoon. WO2 Harry P ******* could have dropped us in it but saw the funny side and was also a good mate of Stu's. I learned a lot that trip.
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
Slightly_Nasty said:
You must have ate quite a few of them in your youth, mate.

i'll lob them up, you hit them....

you got a proper job yet then, you decrepit old slug-balancer? :D
I have a very proper job these days mate; so genuine that they are currently talking about redundancies. :) The slug also disappeared 2 years ago.

NNB: I think we may have worked in PSTT at roughly the same time.

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