The Benefits of Pay as You Dine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Outstanding, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. "This is the best thing to happen to the Army in 5 years"

    Not my opinion - any comments on what the system is like -better-worse or suggestions!?
  2. Just ask most of the troops in Fallingbostel. A main kitchen feeding 4 major units had six people there during a lunch time on the day I visited (before they all went to the sandpit). The mess consisted of me and one other visitor.

    I think soldiers have been sold a line on this with the promise that it will work out to be better for them financialy, but the reverse seems to be true. How NAAFI got the contract is beyond me. A few backhanders and "jobs for the boys" going on here
  3. But the important thing is that troops can spend their money where they want and food is not wasted.(or worse kept for "other purposes"!!)
  4. We have just been informed that our mess is not to go over to pay as you dine. thank fcuk.

    Great to see somebody up top making a good decision.

  5. Don't know where you are mate, but if its Germany you have been misled.
  6. Outstanding, do you really think food doesnt get "recycled" by NAAFI to make their budget go further? And as for soldiers can now spend their money where they like, granted they can. McDonalds and burger king will do a roaring trade
  7. Naturally food is utilised to its' maximum, but you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. As for your comment on McDs and BK - we can use those anytime but funny old thing we like to spend our money where we like, rather than have it taken at source to support other people and animals eating!
  8. I don't know how it works for army/navy messes, but i do know that in RAF messes, the money paid from your wages will also contribute to walk in larders full of stickies such as Mars Bars etc, whilst in a mess pack lunch you'll get a choccy bar that Lidls would reject as being too pikey; massive freezers full of Haagen Daas, yet I have never eaten said desert in the mess; and also various catered functions for the useful sections on camp (Gym - Allowing fat FS's to skip Fitness Tests, Regt - Allowing fat FS's to skip CCS, MT - Allowing fat FS's to get the nicest cars when they request MT, and any course they want to stick on their license, do i need to go on!!)

    Yet whilst the mess can afford to do this, they cannot afford to treat the cockroach problem in the kitchen!!!!

    My wife is a civilian chef in a RAF mess, and has been told (and tricked into signing a declaration to the effect of) that mess related issues are not to be discussed outside the mess!!!! This came around after the mess was ordered to stay open until 6pm, however as the aforementioned fat FS did not want to have to stay at work for that long he did not advertise the extended availability and instructed his subordinates to close the doors at 5.30pm and start switching some of the lights off. I was outraged by this so i made it my duty to inform as many people as i could of the extended hours!!!!!!


    In his face, the fat cnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sounds Bad!!
  10. In my current employment I have access to a lot of military information and very little work, so PAYD has been a lot of interest for me.

    On the surface, when you combine it with things like SLAM, it seems an excellent idea. It would increase the quality of the food, reduce costs to the average single soldier and reduce waste and resources (people, food and overheads).

    But lets face it, the average soldier does not work like that. The cookhouse will be under-used. This will result in a reduced selection, which will lead to less people going there, etc. Not to mention, some fascist will be watching every bit of marmite you use.

    I've already had a bit of a rant about the implications of PAYD for the TA (including to the Lt Col from Defence Catering Group, at the brief I managed to blag my way into) but that was ignored, so I don't see any rants for the Regulars being listened to either.
  11. You are completely wrong if you think that your DMR (Saily messing rate) is used for functions, or pet food etc. These come from a completely different budget. You are seriously kidding yourself if you think that through PAYD your are getting a better service than the traditional set fee that you paid for a decent quality scoff. Remember NAAFI is there to make a profit. Having experienced PAYD in severel locations I would say that 90% of people who live with it now wish they had the old system back in place.
  12. Another major disadvantage of PAYD is that the contracts give the contractor the right to be the sole catering provider on the unit. Watch, in Germany, as the Sally Bash and other cafes disappear (and I have it on excellent authority that this was achieved in a particularly unpleasant way in one location), to be replaced by Starbuck's stylee coffee bars with expensive coffee served with a snarl by a wifey in a XXXL t-shirt and RonHills.

    The effect of this is threefold; firstly, customers lose the freedom to choose; secondly, the various cafes served a useful welfare function which will vanish, and thirdly, contractors almost certainly won't maintain the premises or service for long, so the customer will just get expensive coffee in a sh!thole.

    The question as to why NAAFI got the Germany contract (and why Sodexho, Eurest et al get the others), is because few companies want to bid on these contracts - they know that they are probably not very profitable, though I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of guarantee isn't built in. However, NAAFI, Sodexho, Eurest and the others are old hands - bid low, then either fail to provide the full contracted service to save money, or go back to MOD and demand (and get) more.
  13. NAAFI got the Germany contract coz they are the only traders allowed to trade withouit paying German tax - so any bid they put in was always going to be cheaper by 17%.

    The sally Bash are dreadful canteens who until forced by NAAFI could not provide papers on a Sunday. Anyway tey are supposed to provide "pastoral care" and provide employment opportunities for young christian women (Check out the monstas there!) If you doubt me check their website.

    Finally remember that the Ldy in the tight XXL Tee Shirt, wearing Ron Hills and pink trainers is married to one of our finest - lucky chap!!
  14. It was always about saving money for the treasury, much as most 'changes' to service/pay have been over a number of years. Before the 'military salary' was imposed on us in the early '70's, pay and allowances were a relatively simple thing and scan and board were free. Now look at how complicated everything is. imho not 'progress'
  15. just been talking to someone from 7 SR about this and they said that alot of them make trips to JHQ which isn't payd to get better food