The benefits of high tax in the UK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Artist Emin may quit UK over tax
    Always a silver lining. Just make the f**king bed before you go.

    Tracey Emin says France has traditionally helped artists

    Artist Tracey Emin has said she is thinking of leaving the UK in protest about being overtaxed.

    In a Sunday Times interview she said she was "very seriously considering leaving Britain," adding: "I'm simply not willing to pay tax at 50%."

    The government's 50p tax rate for incomes of more than £150,000 will be introduced in April.

    Emin said she is considering France because she thinks it has lower taxes and appreciates the arts more.

    She said: "So much here is simply not working now. The taxes are too high, there aren't enough incentives to work hard, and our politicians have put me off. We're paying through the nose for everything."

    'Importance of culture'

    Referring to the new tax, she said: "I reckon it would mean me paying about 65p in every pound with tax, National Insurance and so on."

    Emin said the Labour government had no understanding for the arts.

    "At least in France their politicians have always understood the importance of culture and they have traditionally helped out artists with subsidy and some tax advantages," she said.

    "We simply have what I call 'ambition politicians' who go from one department to another for career reasons," she said.

    "We should never have got involved in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Nor should we have bid for the Olympics, which we've now got and cannot afford," Emin added.

    The new tax rate, announced in April's Budget, broke Labour's 2005 manifesto pledge not to raise income tax for high earners during this Parliament.

    The government estimated the higher rate would raise £1.13bn next year.
  2. I for one would like to pat Brown on the back for this excellent move!
  3. The quicker she goes the better. Unfortunately she seems to be very naive as I can hardly see the French granting subsidies to UK Citizens- especially her.
    No doubt she'll come crawling back when she realises how expensive it is compared to the UK.
  4. Then to save her the trouble, you keep her.
  5. It is shocking she 'earns' enough to be on such a high tax bracket!!!!

    She is right though, France doesn't seem to be falling apart as fast as Greater Brittany.
  6. No thanks :)
  7. Please?
  8. Can we compromise? Crevichon sounds like a good idea. Or either of the "Les Casquets" islets that don't have the lighthouse? We can let her take her Bed.
  9. It is, however, a damning indictment of modern Britain that this talent-free skank earns enough to be taxed at 50%.

    Don't people have better things to spend their money on?
  10. She will adapt well to france -ciggies,drunk,unwashed and living off subsidies
  11. If Labour introduces a fixed and tangible asserts tax she'll have to apy a fortune for those norks, the only thing about her and what she produces that are worth looking at. What a munter, fcuk her off the moaning cow.
  12. As much as I can`t stand the ugly talentless munter, she has got a point and is only reiterating things which have been stated on this forum before.
    I wonder how many more of Blairs former 'cool Brittania' supporters will up sticks and leave for foreign shores. The bitch should be grateful that she`s got enough wedge to be able to leave, I wish I had. :x

  13. Will the gullible Saatchi or Tate modern buy my new artwork. Gordon Brown riddle with bullet holes soaking in formaldehyde.
  14. Oi! I'm not unwashed.
  15. My apologies. I understand you get licked down by Carla Bruni and Olivia Bonamy every morning.