The Belgians fight back!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. I've always liked the plucky little Belgians and have attempted to behave myself whilst on their turf - with the exception of the fourth Battle of Ypres!
  2. I lived in Belgium for three years as a boy- they don't even like themselves: The animosity between the Flems and the Walloons is deep and historic, as a country they can't even decide which is the lingua franca (pun intended).

    All power to their elbow if by slanging us off at the moment might prevent that grinning idiot Bliar from sneaking his nasty little self on the the throne of Europe as he plans.
  3. I have read the list and find that there is much to commend in it. Far from being reasons to dislike the British I see it mainly as reasons to like the British. After all if their brewers could make good beer then they wouldn;t have to freeze the balls of it to make it palatable. Our national dish is chicken tikka masala, what's wrong there? They just can't take moderately spicy food. Why should I learn Belgian? Few other countries speak it. I bet if a Belgian goes to China or Viet Nam he speaks English to the locals. As for the weather, well, we're working on that. Our Great Leader is taxing us at every opportunity so that we can improve i.
  4. I did love in their list of things to love about England number 7: the Highlands of Scotland. There you go, chippy ginger North British, you're just a province of England ;)
  5. Belgium has only been a Country for 280yrs. It was just an area of the low countries until 1831, fucking jumped up little chocolatiers. Who gives a shit what they think of us, good or bad..Cnuts.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The Parachute Display Team were in the World Cup :? :?
  7. The Belgian B roads in the 60's had a reputation for being the worst roads in Europe, full of pot holes and with crumbling edges. Guess who has the worst roads in Europe now?
  8. Yeh but at least they had Panzers rolling all over their roads a few years earlier as an excuse....
  9. I'm reminded of my father's wise words, "What's the difference between a Belgian and a piece of toast? You can make soldiers out of a piece of toast!"
  10. They also have some world class paedoes.
  11. Obviously why Queensman spent three years over there living as a boy, the things people do when they leave the Army.
  12. I've got to admit, they have us down to a T there.

    Still, at least only a few of us bugger our kids. We prefer to stick to other peoples.
  13. At least out Monarchs are able to rule colonies in Africa without resorting to slavery.
  14. Still the Belgians! I bloody have to live there and it is crap. Their only redeeming features are fantastic beer, great fresh food and my wife loves their chocolate. (oh and great cakes)

    They are lazy, unreliable, conniving, double speaking third raters, but they are quite friendly.

    God knows how they attracted so many international organisations to their soil. The place is a dump! It is so bad it reminds me of Sheffield, Doncaster and Wales all rolled into one.