The Beige List



I hear SO3 Baby Oil is coming up at Worthy Down -sounds like a top job for an Infanteer to me.


A good job - but do you reckon it is within his capabilities. Probably better off giving it to someone in the AAC, or better still an ex-REME officer!


Could always go for Press Officer at Porton Down  - I hear there may be a vacancy soon? (Or was that a lot of vacancies?)
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It is all very well to discuss the beige list but what about all those lists which are not published in the public domain??  The secretive Rouge, Magenta and Turquoise lists may be less well known but are far more likely to affect our lives.  How else can you explain how some of the choppers we see around us have been promoted so smoothly?  
It can't purely be that if you stay in long enough they are so desparate for bods that they'll promote anyone - tell me it's not true!

p.s. I'll pretend not to be offended about the Baby Oil comment, you have made the common mistake of confusing Baby Oil with Axle Grease (as seen in "Engine Bay Watch").

p.p.s. For the sake of clarity I should say that though mentioning "choppers" I do not solely refer to the AAC.
Ref SO3 jobs-try SO3 Land Trg at HQ BF Cyprus-lots of skiing, windurfing and diving with the odd OTX swan/recce thrown in too. And you get virtually yr own chopper-what do 16 Flt really do?


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The beige list, now there's a fine institution.  What a good bunch of chaps appeared on parchment this year!

Just remember, there is no correlation whatsoever between AJD/IPSE and any promotion board in Glasgae!  There is just a big piss up in December, where senior officers are invited to giggle at their own spelling mistakes (I think they call it a 'Board'?) and some clerk (heavily bribed by those who know) choses names according to how close to PMT she is!
I feel overqualified to comment at this juncture.  As a victim of a consistent process of change that allows some joker at APC to write himself up for an MBE the list has now become nothing more than a percentage exercise that seeks to continue the unabated glorification of Tony's Own Parachute Regiment and to show all of the infantry that mediocrity does exist in the corps lumpen proletariat.

It was really worth the effort of IPSE now wans't it.
Salaams, Chief MS Cynic



Never mind the Beige list - at HQ ARRC they run the Black List.  This is a special list for those knobber full colonels who have no where else to go - JTMG as ACOS Plans.  I rest my case.
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