The Beer Machine

One of the members on another forum I go on tried this & according to him,it produces really good results!

Home brew machine.


I've got nothing to do with the people who sell this. This was my christmas present from my mum and I've only just got round to working on it.

Important thing, really, is that IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!

Personally, I'm dead fussy about beer and whatever. You won't catch me drinking Carling or the weaker Carlsbergs or Bud or whatever. And don't bother asking me about Happy Shopper Single Malt - because it just won't be good enough.

Weekend before last, I committed some time to this, and tried it tonight and it really is a good beer. Well worth trying out. I got the 'American Lager' which doesn't sound encouraging, but it has a really good mature dry and bitter flavour with no syrupy chemical aftertaste.

Well. Made me happy, in any case. If in doubt, go for it!!!
Doesnt look like much fun if you ask me... If you are just using a "mix" then you are not really home brewing IMHO.

Been years since I done it, but the fun is when you pick your own barley, hops and yeast and get suprising or shocking result :twisted:
Brewing beer is ridiculously easy.
A 5 gallon food grade bucket, some thin bleach to sterilize everything, and a beer kit. Ferment it for a week, or until no more froth forms over a couple of days, bung it to a sterilized cider/5 gall barrel, leave it for a fortnight, and you`ll have beer. If you dont move the barrel about it will be fairly clear,
The only problem at the moment is getting the liquid cool enough to pitch the yeast in. Too hot and it dies.
Brew English type ales in the summer, lager in the winter (lower ferment temp) and thats it.
You can make better stuff than this with a bit of practice and better kit, and you can go savagely over the top, like Don Burgess, and end up with your own brewery (Freeminers!) but try not to get too obsessed with it!
Also, Coopers Sparkling Ale can be made from a kit!!

and is easily available in the UK

Only mention that because Im putting some on this afternoon!
Adding to what salfordude says, Use bottles and prime with sugar, the last coopers lager I brewed worked out at about 6% proof with plenty of fizz, right tasty. And in these cash strapped times it worked out at less than 30p a pint.
I pretty much always bottle mine, but my "lodger" cant always give the stuff a month to mature properly, so every so often make a 40pt of something for her, it matures quicker in the barrel, so she can start drinking it after a fortnight. Mind you the last Coopers I did lasted 2 days
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