The Beefeater.............

Okay fair one - I'm not bright enough to add a link!!!!

The point was more about the cap badge of the said Yeoman

Very sorry and now getting in to the taxi...............


Had the honour about 7 years ago to listen to Mr C's very first tour as he learnt the script- it is worth waiting for his tour as it probably the best I have heard in the Tower. His historical knowledge is huge and his comedy timing is almost proffessional!
I know this chap, had the pleasure of meeting him when he was the SSM in Lichfield when AMS recruits were still trained there. He is very funny and very knowledgeable. Many RAMC go to visit the Tower, but only to listen to his tour as he is a real character, much of what he does is unrehearsed and he has a natural gift for entertaining.
Had the honour to serve with Barking B*** at 22 FD Hosp where he was utilized by the Trg Wing at every opportunity, he makes the most boring lecture a complete laugh however he gets the info across and into your head like no one I know, top fella!!

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