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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Just listening to the BBC World Service TV, 05.15 UK time and it announced in a quick, quite way, no further discusion that it is expected that Tomorrow Monday 06th June that Jack straw will annouce
    No Referendum for UK on EU membership.
    Now I know something is going on as the Frog and Kraut are demanding that Euro elections continue, so another stitch up cumming.
  2. No referendum means no embarrassment for Phoney Tony! Waiting for the UK to take over the Presidency before they put it to the French and Dutch electorate again,and again, and again until they get the 'YES' vote.Politicians don't recognise the 'NO' vote because that means that the PEOPLE know what is going on and their nice lucrative job/s are on the line.

  3. I was talking to a senior accountant last night and the subject of the Euro commision came up.
    He said in the early 80's he was chatting up a rather nice young lady who was one of 14,000 translators in Brussels.
    And they talk about jobs for the boys.
  4. Wouldnt be surprised if the PM takes the German route and submit the EU constitution to Parliament for approval.
  5. Again:
    The German constitution has no provisions for a referendum. This was done on the insistence of the Allied governments, who had to approve of it, in 1949, because they were afraid that we would vote the Nazis back in through a referendum. It was never amended to include referenda.
    Also, the German constitution was developed in secret by a comittee appointed by the western Allied commanders and was never voted for by the German population. It was meant to be a provisorium until a peace treaty and reunification of Germany, but, since it was working quite well for the last 40 years, it was kept as it was after the peace treaties and reunification treaties of 1990.

  6. The approval process though gives a PM a choice between a referendum and approval by a Parliament. Walther explained the German process
    but Tony could decide to bypass the great unwashed masses for a sure approval by Parliament after all he has a slim majority.
  7. Why oh why do they (the politicians) want a Euro whatever NOW.
    50, 100 years down the road then if they work at it, maybe Euroland will be ready for unification.
    I am no financial genius, but even poor old me could/can see that a common, one size fits all economic policy does not cannot suit such vastly different economies.
    I loved it over the wekend with comments by learned folk saying the kraut the frog and the itie are all basically weak economies and that in reallity Italy is bankrupt.
    Greece was admitted and then they own up that there debt was outside of permited limit. No cum back nothing.
    The Treaty is now dead but it seems THEY are trying to get around it.
    Why ?
    Read these yank threads where we get comments on USA V Europe on the military front. Europes own GPS system Gallilao (?) the Airbus V Boeing, King George II saying Turkey must be accepted into Europe, why not 53rd state of the USA ?
    Ah too much for my poor uniformed brain.
    I know when sumthing is wrong and this Euro sh1t is.

    I just found this on the Beeb
    A French spokesman said Britain would bear "great responsibility" for finding a way out of the crisis when it took over the rotating presidency of the EU on 1 July.

    Ah monsewer Dirty Pierre has the up C ock and now the Brit must sort it out.
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Ah Jon, that Golden Triangle lifestyle << another peg Tuan ? ...but it is barely noon ? >> is starting to tell on you mate...for a second or two there you were almost lucid :lol:

    I'm guessing that the reason The Great Helmsman and his running lapdog Rackstraw are layin' low and sayin' nuffin on this issue is because it is just a tad awkward in the run up to the UK Presidency of the EU , more than anything.

    Also, I don't think the bright boys and girls in the FCO and DTI have actually FIGURED OUT what advice to give.....people outside Government always think there are deep laid intricate plans for every eventuality....actually, No...a lot of it gets made up on the hoof in my view..... nous voyons.....

    Lee Shaver