The Beautification of Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Thebull140, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Has anybody got any idea why a large circle has appeared in the middle of the square in blandford.

    Also was it just me who noticed that they rebuilt the path up the side of the bowling alley then knocked it down and are rebuilding it again. How much money is being spent on making this place more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. The circle could be a heli landing point, or somewhere for anyone with moral left to gather during fire drills :D

    I was at Blandford when they dug the path up the first time. I remember thinking to myself, whilst having a cold shower and being dripped on by filth from the showers above, while the heating still wasnt working "at least i'll be able to walk to work without triping on a badly laid paving slab". If the granet relief map of the camp had still been on the roundabout, my life would have been complete.

  3. Ready for the next alien landing?

    Or just so that the White Helmets can't melt the tarmac again and again and again....... :roll:
  4. It's a sphincter. Remember what the last CO 11 Sigs called Commander RSS? Here's the evidence.
  5. Gotta be the world's smallest DZ for the parachute display team on RSA weekends.

    Either that or it's the centre of the morale vaccuum there.

  6. Hate to stop all the rumours, but I asked one of the workers what is for. It is for the cheesey helmets, for their displays. I think they do one, per year, on the square to helmet their new blokes.

    On a lighter note, the money spent on that little modification could have been used to provide at least 2, maybe 3 cars with a descent car parking space over the road in the quagmire/shale hockey pitch/car park :twisted:
  7. close your eyes and find that happy place....
  8. Hopefully this circle is the aiming point for a 25 megaton nuclear weapon. This is surely the only way to improve the look of Blandford ?
  9. Hopefully the purple helmets are admiring themselves just as the bomb lands, get rid of the new elements before they buy there bmx's and start
    bigin it up around the camp. :twisted: [/quote]
  10. So it is not a model for all us 216 lads to shape whor andy cap BMFs on??
  11. How unusual for the army to be wasting money on Blandford. I mean they didn't build a statue of some unknown instead of a swimming pool a while back did they?
  12. This has been discussed in length on the parking in a quarry thread.
  13. latest news, the newly laid path beside the wrvs is being ug up because the colour of the bricks doesn't match the others around it. dont believe me, ask the cotractors, thank god for R. Signals Hierachy
  14. Are you taking the piss???
  15. No he aint extracting the urine, I asked them myself why they were digging up a perfectly good path. Aparently in 6 months time the colour wont match the surrounging pavement! Ludacris! Maybe they should keep that like it is and build a path to the back door of P18 (Internet Room). Or even better, stright into a tip, because thats where they are pouring the money!