The Beatles Remasters

Shelled out $280 for the stereo box-set.

I have to admit they did one hell of a job remastering these albums, a noticeable audio improvement over any other versions I think. If you already have the albums you could live without it of course but if you have decent audio equipment or even decent headphones the difference in the remasters is impressive.

Has anyone else put out for these?
"Rolling Stone" magazine said the new remasters were superior to anything that had been released before; even the first transfers to CD in the 1980s. I don't believe I need it bad enough to shell out $280 for the set however. I still have some original vinyl which is good enough. And what's up with Hollywood trying to remake "Yellow Submarine"? The first was weird enough. No one could improve upon that one. My old man grumbled that the Beatles were probably on acid when they made that film. (And don't get me started on the BeeGees starring in "SGT Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." in 1978. An import from Oz that should have stayed there.)
Cabana said:
Nope, the Beatles are ok the first time round, but after that, they just....well..suck
Music has a freshness date? :D
McCartney and his cronies are rich enough already thank you.



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