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The Beast of Spalding

For the last couple of weeks something has been heard snuffling about in the garden at dark o'clock.

It seems to have a penchant for tearing bin bags to bits, is known to eat corned beef and meat leftovers, and scratches at doors and windows.

It's not rats, though living next to a river we have those too; and although a fox has been seen, that was just visiting.

Tonight, my missus saw the beast briefly. She described it as bigger than a dog or fox, about the size of a deer, and trying to get into the annexe door. It ran off into the undergrowth when she put the floodlights on (it's a big garden)

She says it wasn't a badger, nor fox. It's supposedly bigger than our Inuit wolf thingy dog, which is a big fecker anyway.

All this is frightening the ladies of the household, and as I work permanent nights I've never seen nor heard it myself.

So what on earth is it, in rural Lincs?


Book Reviewer
If it doesn't eat either yourself or your family you will be pleased to hear that you could earn yourself a few bob if you got this thing on video.

Tales of big wild cats in the countryside are legendary but very rarely recorded in any detail.

IIRC they are usually rumoured to be panthers or something similar.
O1W - Did the bride indicate it may have looked catlike? The reason I ask it it appears that there have been incidents of large cats in the UK. Look at WIKI British big cats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another possibility would be a really large dog. I friend has an English Mastiff Dog. About 235 pounds, stands over three feet high to it's neck. A huge gentle thing but could be described as as big as a deer. If one of these things went stray it might live off of rubbish, found food etc.

Hope these comments help somewhat. My neighborhood in Massachusetts has lots of coyotes. The eastern coyote is bigger than the western coyote due to crossbreeding with wolves as they crossed the country. When my dog was alive I would not walk her at night without a 1911 on the belt as i would often spot them at night. At least you don't have to worry about them. Good luck to you and the wife.
I don't want to take this post off track but if there are "big cats" roaming around I'm a little surprised that one has not been run over yet.
My Parents live in West Pinchbeck and had a similar problem.

It turned out to be a monster of a Dog fox, unfortunately he had a nasty allergic reaction to 50gr Vmax to the napper!

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