The Beast of Bolsover

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Love him or hate him. Dennis Skinner MP is ceratinly a character.

    Yesterday he took his number of ejections from the Commons to 10 yesterday.

    I think he should be made a Lord, could you imagine the chaos he would cause in the Lords!!. The old biddys in robes would be swallowing there false teeth in shock.
  2. Sorry I thought it was another Cherie post.

    Yer, he's a lad, at least he speaks his mind and does actually seem to have one. Quite rare.
  3. Telegraph gives it as his 12th since 1979, does this mean he won't be around for any Parliamentary votes of loyalty for the Queen's 80th?. If so, was that his plan?.
  4. He is one of the (very) few politicians who seems to stick to his principles, turns up for almost every vote etc.

    On that basis, make him PM.
  5. Dennis Skinner = One face
    Tony Bliar = Think of any large number, double it, add the square of the hypotenuse and add the number of Beverley Sisters still alive.

    Still not enough!
  6. Personally I have loathed this miserable charmless old git for years. A bitter, twisted, sour -faced and brain-washed Trot with a chip on each shoulder the size of a railway sleeper, if he had his way we'd all be living in some dreary little Socialist republic, wearing wooden shoes and reading the Morning Star, probably wiith some sort of "Peoples Militia" for an Army. He f**king detests anything to do with the Forces and was a big IRA fan in the 70's & 80's IIRC. He's trapped in a 1950's leftie Student-union time-warp and I would cheerfully hoof a brick at him on sight. Never mind being thrown out of the Commons, he should be thrown in the Tower and left to rot!!! :twisted:
  7. No he's not a saint but at least he's consistent. I don't agree with a lot he says but at least he keeps saying it and doesn't change it to according to the political climate. Even arrses have their good points. I don't think he's too bad but then like all politicians, he just has to open his mouth.
  8. Your knowledge of the loony left is obviously a bit lacking there Jaeger. A Trot reading the Morning Star??!! Don't you know that the sun only shines for half the day but Comrade Stalin shines all night too? :D
  9. Consistency isn't necessarily a Good Thing. It does make people like him and Wedgie Benn more predictable, though, which presents a clearer target.
  10. Yeah, but apart from that, OK??
  11. He's not on you christmas card list then eh?! 8O
  12. What did he do, skiff the MP on the bench in front of him?

    BTW, Frenchy, can I assume that if your mother in law is standing for Labour, she will follow recent tradition by first stamping out the possibility that she will ever possibly experience anything like poverty ever again? :D
  13. While I do not, nor ever, subscrine to Skinner's politics, he is I think Honest and fights for his Constituents interests.
    Beats most Politicians hands down as a Human Being
  14. That bloke is the turd of all turds! He is a self centered old style commie! He is the most awful tosser that I have ever had to listen too! Beats my wife by miles and dont tell me about commies, My wife is an ex T62 gunner of the Czech army! God, I dont know who is worse! Fcuking Skinner or my wife! At least my wife is honest, I think! Skinner is a lying, ugly, two faced w anker of the highest order! I spit on you Skinner and all your so called Labour party camel abusing scrotebags! By the way, your politics are shite! :evil: :evil: