By no means on the same scale, but whilst the ordeal is going on with the Mirror, thought I'd get my chance to give my views about the Beeb.

They've been doing better recently (much better than last year when their reporting of the war was nothing short of disgusting, especially the fact that it was switched off by HMS Royal), but has anyone else noticed that every time they use an adjective its describing the "poor" Iraqis or their "ancient" city.

Never have I heard the "hard-working" soldiers and they are never "our" troops. Why? It's meant to be the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation, maybe they could show some sort of patriotism or support? No? Well how silly of me.

Bring on the day when the media starts reporting FACT and not OPINION.
In fairness the same reports are used on the world service and also syndicated. May be they have to be a little more "international" to suit their entire audience.

Besides would you feel comfortable if your "British" Broadcasting Company was as toadying as Fox or ignorant as CNN? I think a certain amount of scepticism from the Beeb is preferable to it being a state mouthpiece.
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