The BBC. What a disgrace to the memory of British servicemen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. The BBC news online are currently running a forum on the recent tragic loss of the 14 service personel in Afghanistan. They have actually let a rag-head in Abu Dhabi post this :

    Isn't this what you call "collateral damage"? Or is that only when innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan get killed by your troops? These were soldiers, not "peace-keepers" - I'd wonder how many civilians each one killed since being there.

    Im sure the BBC are the UK office of Al-Jazeera!!. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. While I can't agree with the opinion of this so-called "Rag-head", balance is balance, whether the opposite side of the coin is agreeable to you or not.
  3. Link here
  4. I saw that, so much for the moderation of the BBCs forums. Utter disgrace.
  5. Complaints are being sent. The BBC can see a nice little "argument" develop here - some of the comments are by a guy called "Petrovich" who works in Cambridge. Google that one yourself.....I am sure his company would love lots of emails.

    Simple answer is that if you don't like this country, then find yourself a nice little muslim state where you can express your opinions.

    **** em all.
  6. I too have been reading some of the comments and have been absolutely sickened that a) the BBC put up such an inappropriate comment topic and b) at the responses of some narrow-minded individuals who don't have the first clue about what's actually going on.

    It's absolutely disgusting.
  7. I do suggest that You don't go to Channel 4s News Forum then.

    Some on there gloat at every squaddies death - I leftt because the personal invective came to be more prevelent to debating the news
  8. I have just sent a whole raft of complaints. Chances of them being acted upon?
  9. Probably quite high, actually. Part of the BBC's charter requires them to at least respond to license-fee payer's complaints.
  10. Your theory proved wrong the post is still there. !!
  11. absolutely fuicking disgusting - doing my best to buck the system , as they say
  12. Myself and my colleagues are about to deploy to Afghanistan this week, good to see that we have the support of the nation behind us.........?!?!?!

    Privileged to serve these special, special people, I thank you all.
  13. Ive made 5 comments, and not 1 has made it onto the forum. Maybe its because they were pro forces and that goes againts the BBC's code of lefty conduct
  14. All the best CC - Break a leg mate