The BBC urinates all over Terry Pratchett's grave

Here's more or less what she looked like when I met her in Byers Road.



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Might I interest you in a sarcasm detecter good Sir?
Hmm, think i might need one - however in my defence, looking at some of the other casting decisions made, its not too much of a leap to believe they had made that choice...
Better effort than @Helm, but it took 10 pages to come up with it. So all characters must look like the PK illustrations, how exactly, very exactly or just as long as they get the skin colour right?
In one of the early books Vimes makes the comment that racism, ie colour prejudice has no chance when there were all the different species to get on with first.
You a got a very pretty female human playing Cheery Littlebottom who when 'she' first appears looks like a male dwarf in standard fashion, 3 foot tall, big beard, chain mail clothing and a big axe.
By Night Watch she is totally out as female wearing lipstick and a leather kilt in lie of trousers, but there is no mention of shaving the beard off or looking attractive to humans.
She also has only a few lines at the start of the book and Keel doesn't actually appear. So the chances are the only thing Pratchett about this stupidity will be the title.

They managed to do a good version once, sadly not on iplayer ATM.

I hear Graham Nortons lined up for Magrat Garlick in the 'reimagining' of Wyrd Sisters.

Jonny Vegas is Nanny Ogg and naturally Edris Elba as Granny Weatherwax.
In a twist to the original Weatherwax is a tough no-nonsense type of witch who has 48 hours to discover who Killed Queen Verence played by Judi Dench. Jodie Whittaker will be Lady Felmet and the real power behind the throne while the Duke will be James Corden as hes truly made for the role.
Assorted other inappropriate female and black actors will be shoehorned into 'players characters' oh and Ricky Gervais as Shaun Ogg.
Just one other little thought for the frothing and foaming clique. It's not just the BBC doing this it's the person Pratchett left in charge of his literary work and it's uses.
I suspect he will be restricted to the screen play side and have little influence on casting.

If this is to be a stand alone and with no continuity to other parts of the Disc universe then doesn't really matter if Vimes is black** you can probably argue the same for Sybil since her part in the Watch is minor.

If however there's to be a broader serialisation - then the ethnicity of characters matters because it affects interrelations* and as for Sybil then she pretty much has to be Dawn French esque.

*Vimes is clearly a white scruffy chap in Jingo as demonstrated by the Klatchians (Arabs) comments and attitudes towards him
To Paraphrase " You felt you couldn't suspect a Klatchian as that lined you up with the Colon - Klatchian fags are camel dung brigade. Truly treat all mean equally Mr Vimes allow us to be unpleasant scheming individuals"

**I know he isn't - but he really needs to be if Keel is - It doesn't work otherwise
Just one other little thought for the frothing and foaming clique. It's not just the BBC doing this it's the person Pratchett left in charge of his literary work and it's uses. So is he the wrong man for the job and Terry is spinning in his grave or did they discuss this sort of thing beforehand and TP said, "Grab the money and run".
I have my suspicions about the talentless fool one behind this and that person is a lot closer to Sir Pterry that you'd think. The list of those in control of his literary inheritance is very, very small.
Does he?
Genuine question as I don't remember that.
She takes his virginity in Men at Arms, and they've had an, "understanding" ever since. In fact, it became a major plot point in Feet of Clay, where the main villain was worried that Carrot, the heir to the Throne of Ankh-Morpork, might have children with Angua. And since the genetics of Werewolves were unpredictable, those royal children might be puppies.

In Fifth Elephant, Angua makes Carrot promise he will be the one to put her down if she becomes a murderer like her brother.
Bit of thread drift but I do think Pedro Pascal would be my ideal Greebo actor. He's unseated Mr Banderas.
Agreed. Especially given this discription of Greebo in human form,

He gave off a kind of greasy sexuality that could be felt through walls and locked doors. Greebo could, in fact, commit sexual harassment just by sitting very quietly in an empty room. :)


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