The BBC Tells the Truth for a Change

At least you are now no longer bothered then.

There are dozens of information sources available free (radio, online etc) and at relatively low cost (newspapers, magazines, books etc).

Entertainment comes in dozens of different formats from thousands of sources. Somewhere down the line somebody somewhere has to pay for its production. You can’t argue it is a fundamental human right to go to the cinema for free.

What colour is the sky on your planet FFS?
In answer to your poorly composed drivel...

The BBC is one of the worst aspects of a failing nation - it was worth keeping once, but no longer. Many reject their their nasty, statist, know-better-than-the serfs attitude. The BBC does not protect our culture. It is trying to abolish English society and any English identity.

I don't want people criminalised for not paying for something they don't want, just so people like Yasmin "speaking as a Muslim woman" Ali-baba Brown can live the high-life. We need a pirate station, not a gang of millionaire *********** like Brillo McNeil pretending to be men of the people interviewing hard-working, honest decent people. ("And if you have any questions, email them to Any Questions so we can quietly ignore them, in favour of timid little enquiries from agreeable people. We Are Dimbleby and own the debate, so f**k off").

This ain't journalism and the free flow of information, this is the wealthy and unaccountable self-protecting the wealthy and unaccountable. If even the likes of Paxman are calling for its abolition the end is nigh surely.

If all you want is catch-up, then Amazon Prime, Netflix, Now TV - they all do the job and perfectly legit given that they're not live broadcasts.

Nobody has stolen your right to receive information. You might just as well argue that nicking a copy of the Times from the corner shop is your inalienable human right as you can’t be denied information.
Oh, and f**k the Sun/Mail/Guardian, too.
You must pay the BBC £147 a year if you receive real-time TV broadcasts of any description, whether from them or anybody else. Curiously enough, this itself is in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights: the BBC is interfering with your right to receive information. So far, despite a couple of low-profile cases, nothing has been done about this. Possibly some private, quid pro quo, arrangement is in force between the BBC and the European Commission perhaps, who knows? It would certainly explain the BBC's hysterically pro-Europe bias.

The simple answer to the BBC's shite is simply not to pay the telly tax. It's quite easy to do. If you want to stay legal, the best option is to get rid of your set. Try it, it's wonderfully liberating!
The main reason the bbc is hysterically pro EU is that is bribed by the EU to be so.
The EU as a corrupt political organisation is not going to interfere with the dissemination of pro EU propaganda.

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