The BBC, Parliamentary Protest and Reality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bubbles_Barker, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. I have just watched the most amazing/appaling programme on BBC3. Some ******** called Sam Delaney just spent half an hour or so explaining that it was easier to protest about the government in Albania than in UK. This was done on the basis of the Westminster exclusion zone and interviewing some sinister minister in Tirana. Much lauding of the bloke that sits in a tent on Parliament Square and therefore leaving the public with the impression that somehow we live in a police state. As I work in MB and see regular (daily) protests outside No 10 I think this is extraordinary. I understand that under new legislation they have to 'book' a slot but I hardly think they are having their hard won (by us) civil rights infringed.

    It was backed up by footage that slagged off the Middlesboro' council for installing CCTV that 'talked' - examples showed chavscum being effectively stopped by the system but was then followed up by interviewing a little old lady who said that that she didn't think it was a good thing as she'd never been mugged.

    F**k. Everyone has an opinon but that doesn't mean they're opinion is worth sh*t. The presenter 'tested' the system by dropping litter, being bollocked and then putting up two fingers (twice) to the camera. I have two teenage boys - what hope do we all have when the national broadcasting system and tacitly, national opinion, is supporting this kind of asinine behaviour?

    Delaney presented some MP with a whole wodge of his DNA - to the MP's eternal credit the bloke took some of the items , saying 'we can get the rest anyway'. I hope Delaney gets implicated as a result in some crime as a result!

    I veer between giving up and feeling like I ought to pop down the armoury.

    During TELIC 1 I was continually accosted by BBC reporters who not only wanted me to slag off the US they wanted me to stick the knife into my own Army. It's just the same on programmes like the one I've just mentioned. How on earth do you get progress on real issues when reporters are allowed to give presentations that wouldn't get an E grade at JDSC?

    BBC = Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation.

    Journos = 'Death is the Best Censor' (Gen Mike Rose Comdt ACSC 27)
  2. Little point. How is it "Freedom of Speech" when you have to apply for a permit to protest? There's no obligation for the Police to grant a permit, they can refuse. In that case, Are you still free?
  3. There's a protest every day outside No 10 - I know because I see them when I'm having a crafty smoke. So yes - I reckon they're a damm sight free'r (if that's a word) than most other places on the planet.
  4. Everyone including you (and me). Delicious irony, that.