The BBC: are claims of political bias justified? Part 2.


Unfortunately in my line of work, I can't do that, or rather it's not worth the admittedly minimal risk. If it gets decriminalised however the moment it does that will be the line of action.
You are/live with a TV license inspector and I claim my COVID arriving-traveller quarantine exemption!!


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Sorry I meant one of the broadcast channels. I have no idea who is showing the rugby?
Amazon Prime is showing the Autumn tournament.
ETA- Channel 4 has a couple of the matches.


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Nah they covered that one, you basically can't watch anything live no matter how you do without a licence.

The law says you need to be covered by a TV Licence to:

  • watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV, on any channel
  • watch or stream programmes live on an online TV service (such as ITV Hub, All 4, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc.)
  • download or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer.

The scamming, untrustworthy thieving twats.

What if you bittorrent the livestream off the internet via youtube onto your PC which then sticks it on an external HD and then you watch it on your smart TV via wi-fi with a 10 minute delay?

Asking for a fri...

Ah f*ck it who cares, it's all woke sh*te anyway, and why waste valuable internet time downloading BBC telly when you could be enjoying watching one legged, black, lesbians vs latex wearing dwarf trannys covered in horse sh*t porn.

(or playing Fortnite....)


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Yes I get that
What I was suggesting is she misses the match
Ignores all scores etc
Than a couple of hours goes in and download a the match from Prime just as she would a normal film.
Although the game is not live she could watch it as if it was because she has no knowledge of the match

Likely Lads Walt

Just watched the news, I know what I need to know now:
Have a look at the Question Time Commentary thread. QT has been much less popular and some of us have found other far more informative online content such as Live with Littlewood (Institute of Economic Affairs), The Week In 60 Minutes (Andrew Neil, Spectator TV) and Guido Talks. We post links on that thread.

I haven't watched or listened to BBC or usual suspects news for months but I'm aware of what they have been doing.


It's the £1.0m pay rise for Zoe Ball that gets me. All of a sudden she seems to be looking very attractive

NamePrincipal programmeLower pay limitUpper pay limit
Gary LinekerMen's football£1,750,000.00£1,754,999.00
Zoe BallBBC Radio 2£1,360,000.00£1,364,999.00
Graham NortonRadio and Television£725,000.00£729,999.00
Steve WrightBBC Radio 2£475,000.00£479,999.00
Huw EdwardsBBC News at Six / BBC News at Ten£465,000.00£469,999.00
Fiona BruceQuestion Time£450,000.00£454,999.00
Vanessa FeltzMultiple stations£405,000.00£409,999.00
Lauren LaverneBBC 6 Music£395,000.00£399,999.00
Stephen NolanMultiple stations£390,000.00£394,999.00
Alan ShearerMen's football£390,000.00£394,999.00
Ken BruceBBC Radio 2£385,000.00£389,999.00
Emily MaitlisNewsnight£370,000.00£374,999.00
Claudia WinklemanRadio and Television£365,000.00£369,999.00
Andrew MarrThe Andrew Marr Show£360,000.00£364,999.00
Scott MillsBBC Radio 1£345,000.00£349,999.00
George AlagiahBBC News at Six / BBC News at Ten£325,000.00£329,999.00
Jeremy VineBBC Radio 2£320,000.00£324,999.00
Nicky CampbellBBC Radio 5 live£300,000.00£304,999.00
Nick RobinsonToday£295,000.00£299,999.00
Laura KuenssbergOn-air editors and correspondents£290,000.00£294,999.00
Jason MohammedRadio and Sport£285,000.00£289,999.00
Jo WhileyBBC Radio 2£280,000.00£284,999.00
Greg JamesBBC Radio 1£275,000.00£279,999.00
Sara CoxBBC Radio 2£275,000.00£279,999.00
Sophie RaworthBBC News at Six / BBC News at Ten£275,000.00£279,999.00
Evan DavisPM£275,000.00£279,999.00
Mishal HusainToday£265,000.00£269,999.00
Emma BarnettBBC Radio 5 live£260,000.00£264,999.00
Dan WalkerNews and Sport£260,000.00£264,999.00
Tina DaheleyNews and Radio£255,000.00£259,999.00
Martha KearneyToday£255,000.00£259,999.00
Sarah MontagueWorld at One£250,000.00£254,999.00
Justin WebbToday£250,000.00£254,999.00
Nick GrimshawBBC Radio 1£240,000.00£244,999.00
Jon SopelOn-air editors and correspondents£235,000.00£239,999.00
Trevor NelsonBBC Radio 2£220,000.00£224,999.00
Jeremy BowenOn-air editors and correspondents£220,000.00£224,999.00
Kirsty WarkNewsnight£215,000.00£219,999.00
Mary BerryTelevision£215,000.00£219,999.00
Clive MyrieBBC News Channel£215,000.00£219,999.00
Louise MinchinBBC Breakfast£215,000.00£219,999.00
Victoria DerbyshireVictoria Derbyshire£215,000.00£219,999.00
Katya AdlerOn-air editors and correspondents£210,000.00£214,999.00
Fergal KeaneOn-air editors and correspondents£205,000.00£209,999.00
Amol RajanOn-air editors and correspondents£205,000.00£209,999.00
Jermaine JenasMen's football£200,000.00£204,999.00
Sue BarkerTennis£200,000.00£204,999.00
Naga MunchettyBBC Breakfast£195,000.00£199,999.00
John McEnroeTennis£195,000.00£199,999.00
Simon JackOn-air editors and correspondents£190,000.00£194,999.00
Charlie StaytBBC Breakfast£190,000.00£194,999.00
Mark EastonOn-air editors and correspondents£185,000.00£189,999.00
Gabby LoganMultiple Sports£185,000.00£189,999.00
Reeta ChakrabartiBBC News Channel£180,000.00£184,999.00
Rachel BurdenBBC Radio 5 live£175,000.00£179,999.00
Andrew NeilThe Andrew Neil Show£170,000.00£174,999.00
James NaughtieOn-air editors and correspondents£170,000.00£174,999.00
Jonathan AgnewCricket£170,000.00£174,999.00
Nihal ArthanayakeBBC Radio 5 live£170,000.00£174,999.00
Annie MacBBC Radio 1£170,000.00£174,999.00
John PienaarOn-air editors and correspondents£165,000.00£169,999.00
Ben BrownBBC News Channel£165,000.00£169,999.00
Orla GeurinOn-air editors and correspondents£160,000.00£164,999.00
Simon McCoyBBC News Channel£160,000.00£164,999.00
Shaun KeavenyBBC 6 Music£160,000.00£164,999.00
Carrie GracieBBC News Channel£155,000.00£159,999.00
Faisal IslamOn-air editors and correspondents£155,000.00£159,999.00
Clara AmfoBBC Radio 1£155,000.00£159,999.00
Clare BaldingMultiple Sports£155,000.00£159,999.00
Adrian ChilesBBC Radio 5 live£155,000.00£159,999.00
Carolyn QuinnWestminster Hour£150,000.00£154,999.00
Mary Ann HobbsBBC 6 Music£150,000.00£154,999.00
Steve LamacqBBC 6 Music£150,000.00£154,999.00
Joanna GoslingBBC News Channel£150,000.00£154,999.00
Jane HillBBC News Channel£150,000.00£154,999.00
Mark ChapmanMultiple Sports£25,000.00£249,999.00


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R4 Today Programme up to its normal games this morning, Priti Patel being interviewed by some woman, and as far as I could tell hardly being allowed to finish a single sentence throughout the whole 10-15 minute piece. It's not just the actual interruption though, it's also the length the interviewer talks each time. I will try and do a timing of this morning's interview to work out how much I actually heard from the Home Secretary.

Also the continual attempts to get a gotcha quote are somewhat tedious. This morning the last section of the interview was on the HO bullying allegation report on Priti Patel where she was asked three time about it; after the first question she said "That's a matter for the Cabinet and I can't comment on it", so quite what the value in asking whether she would be apologising for her actions was, I am unclear.
It gets worse than that though... the washed up unfunny has-been fat mess, Steve Wright should be paying the licence tax payer for the privilege of being on the radio.
Yes, I bet he's churning out exactly the same stuff he was doing 40 years ago on Radio 1.

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