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The BBC: are claims of political bias justified? Part 2.

In my area (Suffolk), we have been putting it in peoples arms as quickly as we can.
When it runs out, staff will have a well earned rest. Many are working a 12 hour shift, with an hour for lunch.

Ugwe Drakeford has fallen into the trap of believing that he and his Regional Ways and Means committee are relevant.

Unlike The Fust Mammy - who, once briefed on any forthcoming National response crossed her fingers and promised not jump the Press gun, immediately got her retaliation in first - Ugwe decided to politicise the crisis from the off.

The thing is, he's not very good at it.



Clearly you didn’t like it, then?
If they had given you the proper stuff, ie Laver Bread (Bara Lawr) ...
Its still bogging seaweed best left on the beach


Panorama tonight. “I Can’t Breathe: Black and Dead In Custody”


Taffen SS if you don't mind.

I've no intention of being associated with a rum bunch like the VC.
The good old days it would have been the Viet Gwent - the Pontypool Front Row. Charlie Faulkner, Bobby Windsor and Graham Price. :)

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