The BBC are at it again....... University initiations

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Warrior-Webbing, Oct 2, 2008.

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    The University of Gloucestershire says it will investigate after the BBC obtained footage of students taking part in a bizarre initiation rite.

    The secretly-filmed video shows students with bags over their heads, drinking and vomiting.

    A university spokesman said a formal inquiry was being launched into alleged "bullying and intimidation" during initiation ceremonies.

    The National Union of Students has called for a ban on initiations.

    Initiation ceremonies have become traditional in UK universities and are normally organised by student sport clubs for first-year undergraduates.

    Nazi-style uniform

    The video obtained by the BBC shows a group of University of Gloucestershire students lined up against a wall with white plastic bags over their heads.

    Another student, dressed in a Nazi-style uniform, is seen to encourage them to drink. Several students then vomit onto the ground before being paraded though the streets.
  2. sounds like a good night in the bar...
  3. So...knowing the yanks......they'd been made to neck 2 half pints of Clausthaller :)
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    This is the new Covert Anti-PC Investigation Unit that goes deep undercover to investigate Non-PC behaviour on behalf of ZANU NL.

    When it finds evidence of any activities, it films them, and attempts to put a serious ZANU PC spin on events, before the Bullsh1T Broadcasting Company puts on TV screens in the home to act as a form of mind conditioning for the unthinking masses.

    Thought is Crime. Speech is Crime. Ownership is Crime. Gender is Crime. Race is Crime. Nationality is Crime. Privacy is Crime. Wealth is Crime.
  5. Investigative journalism in is worst form - I look forward to the forthcoming expose on animal rights where the Beeb goes undercover at a dog kennels and finds that dogs have to sh1t on the floor! Outside! and aren't even given loo roll!

    Did I miss the recent Daily Mail takeover of the BBC?
  6. Your laughing but South Today (BBC) had a story last week about a man who got told off for running a kennel badly a few years ago and is still running a kennel. The cheek of the man.

    I am trying to find a link to the story.
  7. I bet more people apply for University of Gloucestershire places then ever before!
  8. is that a proper university then?
  9. Is there an outrage bed where said students can go and sleep their hangovers off?
  10. Those fiends at the BBC! Imagine publishing the sort of piece that... err... repeatedly makes it clear initiants voluntarily take part and a majority of them support the practice. LINK

    Must be a lefty, liberal, tree-hugging attempt to throw us off the scent by sabotaging the outrage bus. Bloody lentil-munchers!

    And no, Gloucester is not a proper University. :wink: Mind you, it won a THES award a few years back for its commitment to environmentally sound projects. They should be glad their students are recycling their beer.
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  12. Obviously I'm at the wrong uni! Mind you, I'm a bit old to be fazed by 'initiations' as poncy as that.
  13. University of Gloucestershire student Nick Levy

  14. I lok forward to the next expose in the series "Undercover Reporters on Reporters"
  15. Wimps! Wonder how they'd get on with "The Dance of The Flaming Arrsehole"?