The BBC appears to have completely lost the plot!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 3, 2007.

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  1. effing disgraceful - in murderous email mode now
  2. Thank heavens somebody is speaking sense. What a waste of taxpayers license fee and insult to our sense of justice!
  3. "The BBC appears to have completely lost the plot!!!"

    They have an agenda and the sooner the BBC's renamed PropagandaTV! the better.
  4. The BBC should be ashamed. I have lost all confidence in them in recent years.

    As an aside why should British TV licence payers pay for the rest of the world to watch/listen to BBC world service TV/Internet radio etc?
  5. It promotes UK PLC I suppose.
  6. Speechless

    (first time for everything I suppose)
  7. Give that man a knighthood

    oops, too late.....

    give him another one!!!!
  8. Well said that man - given his circumstances, I'd call that restrained. I'm working up to incandescent.
    The BBC have been working on it for a while, but can finally no longer consider themselves a national institution worthy of public funding. This is unacceptable and not, as they so often like to say to justify such slaps in the face to decency and justice, in the public interest.
    Time to scrap the license fee, remove their rose tinted glasses and gold-plated salaries, and let them take their chances with the commercial stations. That, I think, would concentrate their minds on what's right and what's wrong - and what's responsible journalism.
  9. Not being one to readily agree with Lord T I have to say that on this one I most certainly do!!

    Oh, .... and the thread title is wrong. To state that the BBC appears to have lost the plot is assuming they had it in the first place :roll:
  10. Is this the same BBC that didn't want to run the Johnson Beharry VC story because it might alienate the viewers who had hoped he had died instead. Well, I feel slightly alienated by this. Oh and when will the BBC stop complaining about the General Belgrano aswell.
  11. Arghhhh the mindset of some of the BBC does beggar belief
  12. I totally agree, the BEEB should think twice about this. In a few years time will they do the same with Osma Bin Laden or any of the members of al Qeeda. Its more like your friendly tree hugging fluffy bunny goverment. Its only because Tony blair is chasing peerage and wants to look good when he leaves No10.
  13. I have long realised that British society seems to have lost the plot. There are too many people in our society who don't care what is said or done as long as it doesn't interfere with the latest reality TV programme.

    The Beeb and the Government can get away with just about anything these days. The sad truth is, that in Lord Tebbits days in office, members of the Govenment resigned over indiscretions and mistakes.

    Now even getting someone to admit they've made a mistake is hard, and people have to be removed from their positions with nothing less than a crowbar.

    Lord Tebbit should be saluted for standing up to the apologists who want to say sorry for everything (i.e. slavery, the Falklands, the 2nd World War etc..) despite the fact that we have nothing to say sorry for.

    These appeasers appear to have only one goal - that is to push our society to the point were it crumbles under its own impotence. :(