The Bayonet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tearsbeforebedtime, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. I, for my misplaced sense of, well whatever, will be deploying to sandier climes sooner or later and being an IR (job the Regs can’t fill (stretched not over stretched!)) have had some kit issued.

    Bayonet, GS, showing, how hard core.

    Now I am a ‘proud’ (hope to God I don’t need the fecking thing) owner.

    Now this is a new piece of kit.

    So, first impressions;

    Cheap piece of sh1t. One piece brittle moulding of HM’s cheapest ‘metal’.

    Now it is so new (or I am sooooooooooo naive) it has no grinding on the blade. No, it is cast, that is it. Ideas on how to sharpen?

    I’m non-inf but will be doing an ‘interesting’ job (NON-SF or THEM) but am too shy to go into specifics. How the fook do I get an edge on it without being arrested. Can I just take it to a shop or what?

    Now the back should not be sharpened as it will degrade the ‘superior rip parting capability’ (says the PAM, I looked) but what about the front?

    No, I have no desire to use this as a bayonet but if I have to lug this chocolate fire guard around with me then I at least want an edge on it. Faster than whipping a multi tool or penknife out...

  2. you know, if you aint careful with it mark my words there will be tears before bedtime...

    coat TAXI!
  3. That is EXACTLY what I am trying to avoid.

    p.s. not even a bottle opener on the scabard. Fecking saw me coming the cnuts! :D
  4. A bottle opener?

    You can open it with the blunt side of the blade.

    The youth of today don't learn anything...................mumble, mumble.
  5. Yeah but he PAM says....


    I want a blade not a bottle opener you daft cnut! Lived in jolly old D for a while, I'd say I know a few tricks for accessing a bottle! :D

    And seeing as you're in loverly DK it is (was) much cheaper in HH (Holsten knallt am dollsten!) or 'Flens' or Jever or (god-forbid) Astra (spew!).
  6. Do you know any cooks?

    Most restaurants have a guy who comes around once a month or so and sharpens all their knives. May be worth asking around....

    As to beer, Carlsberg all the way!

    I even get it free from work!!
  7. Where I lived it was acceptable to drink at work.


    I know a cook (not RLC) so good call. I thought thier knives were alreadz sharp so we shall see.

    Anz suggestions, I`m still open...
  8. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  9. Fecking German keyboard!
  10. use a sharpening stone? Its a bit old school but it works, you could do it while watching a rambo.
  11. Alright, that was a good call. I have a sharpening kit from Buck (fine and rough stones) but we are are talking about the year zero.

    Starting from scratch I don`t want to screw it up. With my other blades Supertool 200 and folding Kasper I have something to follow but am not yet confident enough to start from scratch on a blade.
  12. Okay, hold my last. I recall seeing pictures of guys on Herrick with bayonets stuffed down the loops on their Ospray.

    Is it HM Governments policy to send men to war with blunt knives?

    Feck me how bad is the MoD budget?!

    Not enough gucci kit, I can see the corelation in price, but blunt knives, why not spoons?
  13. As any chef will tell you, the cut from a blunt blade is worse than the cut from a sharp blade, due to the fact that you need a lot more force to get the blunt blade through, leading to loss of control, leading to gashes not nice clean cuts.
  14. You are NOT SUPPOSED to use it as a fcukin knife. It is a BAYONET. It is designed as a BAYONET. Just indulge your own survivalist fantasies and take a KNIFE if you want a KNIFE.

  15. IIRC - Bayonet - only to be sharpened on initial issue (By armourer) and before use (User)

    Don't worry about it too much, a blunt/jagged blade will cause more damage than a sharp one. (A hole caused by a blunt/jagged blade/weapon is harder to seal, treat or sew up.)

    Yes it is cheap, yes it's not much use as a general purpose knife - it's not designed for that - IT IS FOR STICKING INTO THE RIBS AND GUTS OF THE ENEMY.