The Battlefields Trust

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The Battlefields Trust is an international charity, based in the UK with the aim of preserving, interpreting and developing battlefields for heritage purposes.

We were formed in 1992 in response to the plans to build a road across the battlefield of Naseby. Since then we have grown to become an organisation with branches looking after battlefields across England and with ambitions to grow world wide.

Some of our successes have been stopping inappropriate development on battlefields. We have also set up and managed projects to interpret battlefields. We ran the project which rediscovered the battlefield of Bosworth. We have also set up interpretation panels and memorials for battlefields such as Roundway Down and the V2 strike on Chiswick in 1944. We run a programme of battlefield walks and events.

We work closely with English Heritage and the Royal Armouries. Our President is Robert Hardy CBE and our Patrons are Lord Dannatt and Lord Boswell of Ayhno. A significant proportion of English Heritage's battlefield panel are senior members of the Trust. Our membership includes amateurs with a hobby interest as well as leading battlefield archaeologists and military historians.

We need members and funding.

We need members to help us look after and develop battlefields as heritage assets. If you want to get involved in battlefield archaeology, military history or battlefield guiding, joining us is a way to develop your expertise while helping a charitable aim. Experience with the Trust has helped some of our members to become published historians and professional battlefield guides.

We need money to support battlefield development projects such the following:-

The Naseby project aims to build an interpretation centre on one of the decisive battles of the English Civil war. This will cost £3m.

Project Hougoumont to conserve the historic farm complex on the battlefield of Waterloo. We need to find 2m Euros as matching funds

Support for research into battlefields. It is very hard to get research funding for social sciences and humanities. If we can support Phd students we secure the intellectual future.

Campaign funds. We need funding to mount campaigns to ensure that public policy recognises the cultural and economic value of battlefield heritage.

Check our website for

We are organizing a series of lunchtime talks in the City of London hosted by the Fusiliers Museum in the Royal Fusiliers Officers Mess HM Tower of London. Our speakers are from the pick of the British Commission of Military History. These start with Martin Marix Evans talking about Naseby on 25 May 2012 and continue with Carole Duvall on Waterloo on 18th June and William Phillpott on The Somme on 2nd July

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