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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blessed baby cakes, Dec 9, 2003.

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  1. A few have noted the amount of 'in-thread fighting' that can put others off, or distract from the topic.

    So here we have a new thread, the fight room if you like.

    A place to bring 'Whipping Boys', and you KNOW who you are so....B*TE ME.... :wink:
  2. Can this wait until tomorrow night, I'm just off ter bed for a date with my right hand and a Ben Dover DVD.
  3. okay GH sleep well....g'night!
  4. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I've seen more action from my neighbours 15 year old daugher. Bunch of old cows ! With udders for tits.
  5. Ouch, Whipping boy, He mad!!! 8O
  6. I can vouch for Dale, she is worthy of one up the apple fritter.

    Dunno about BBC though, heard she has a ring like a hula hoop..

    Why don't you two stop trying to compete with the big boys and get down to some cyber rug munching for us to yank our cranks too :D
  7. MDN that was .....truly something...
    GH nice to see you got the big boys to come fight for you.
    Okay lets do it.....
  8. Gunny see if you can get the Ben Dover video onto the downloads, that will increase the site circulations
  9. Looks like its back to the worn out copies of page 3, ooh that Sam Fox is so hot. (and bats for the other side as well)
  10. I've got some great ones but too good/bad to talk about in here.
  11. Unless I was missing some subtle girly language to suggest you and BBcakes were going to show/make some piccies for me.
  12. Well spotted you did miss it.....but nice try GS.... :roll:

    But if you show us yours, we'll show you ours.... :wink:
  13. Anyone with broadband and MS Messenger is welcome to download it from my PC. PM me, and I'll PM back with date and time. Each disc is a VCD with around 650mb of data, and there is around 3.5 hours worth of cheap uncensored filth, for those who can't stand wimen with false boobs, deep suntans and fixed nose's. These girls are the real 'girl next door' ! GS, you don't strike me as a voyeur of cheap, tacky porn.

  14. GS, just go to Spar and buy a packet of 2 x pitta breads. This is what BBC looks like in the nip. Can't vouch for Dale, but some of my PMs tell me she has a fat arrse but nice tits.
  15. GH, good morning, did it take you ALL night to think on that as a come back????? :roll:
    Good God man, tell me you're not the best the forces have to offer! 8O

    Now GH you can have it both ways, decide now, i am either clinically over obese, of i have 'pitta bread' as breasts, there's a good whipping boy. :lol: