The Battle of Isandlwana: A Lecture by Rob Caskie



Who is Rob Caskie? His he the burke responcible for not doling out the ammo to differant rifle companys or not lagering the camp. Why can not we have a lecture instead on the balls up in Malaya 1941, Mesopotamia 1916, the Somme, Yorktown or the present day. Bit of a pattern forming there.
Anyway ! Who is Rob, serious
Heard him at Rourkes Drift, three hours passed like minutes - great speaker.
Why keep going on about this attack on a depot camp? Is it because it’s PC? Lets have one on Ulundi where we were there as a fighting force. :nod:

In this engagement, 5’300 British, Natal, Boer v min 15’000 Zulu

Advancing into enemy territory in hollow square formation we were hit on all sides.

Royal Artillery (6 x 7-pounders, 4 x 9-pounders, 2 x Gatling Guns – first British field use)
17th Lancers (Drury-Lowe)
1st Kings Dragoon Guards
SA (Commando) Mounted Rifles (Buller)
Natal Native Horse
No.5 Coy RE (Chard)
2nd Native Natal
Woods Irregulars
1st Battalion, 13th Light Infantry (Somerset Light Infantry)
2nd Battalion, 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers
90th (Perthshire) Regiment: from 1882 the Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
58th Regiment: from 1882 the Northamptonshire Regiment (Royal Anglian Regiment).
80th Regiment: from 1882 the South Staffordshire Regiment
94th Regiment: from 1882 the North Staffordshire Regiment

Our 4th of July 1879 - After some 30 minutes of repelling the assault, the 17th took the offensive followed by the Dragoons and irregulars, pressing home the rout.

British/Allied casualties 82 all ranks. Zulu in excess of 1’500.


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Shame about the Brit battalion on the English role getting the chop at Isandlwana, but their Company holding Rorkes Drift did well and retained the Regiment's Honour.
As for the Balls up in Maylaya 41/42, Poor old Arthur Percival was the Fall guy for the British Establishment (Military and Civil ) who promised so much yet delivered so little, despite Knowing from early 30's that the Base was wide open to a land attack by Japan, who had been identified in early twenties as the only opponent.

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