The Battle of Britain

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Twump, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm not a prune type and I don't know if this is the right board for this (so mods please feel free to move me on).

    In these days of sportspeople and big brother contestants being regarded as heroes its worth having a look at 'Battle of Britain' which was on Film 4 tonight. I've seen it a hundred times and despite its 60s foibles it shows the pain, courage and glory (on both sides) of combat. Just as dirty, messy, painful and exhilirating as naval and land fighting.

    This movie was made before PC but shows both sides in a balanced way. More than anything it made me feel proud, especially when 'Dowding' puts the MoD man back in his box near the end.

    Film review over - but as a view of the 0-60 lives of 'The Few' it can't be bettered. Per Ardua ad Astra if any of you old boys read this - and I hope you do - thank you.
  2. Oh and another thing - it reminded me why, as a nation, we shoud regard Poles as our friends...
  3. 67 years on, lets hope generations to come remember Winstons words.

    Amazing to think only one VC came out of it.
  4. Read the book Fighter Boys by Patrick Bishop.
    Inspiring, those young met had balls like coconuts.
  5. I doubt it, someone on tele tonight, didnt know when WW2 started,and then said it felt longer when old people started talking about it, when he was told it started in 1939,not 1933.
  6. Trouble is...................
    Every time I watch it, I find myself waiting for the scene where Quinn and Lovejoy are leaving the house in the morning, and................
    The house has a 'sixties' front door, electric doorbell and an up-and-over garage door aagghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else spot any foopahs?
  7. The electric door bell was invented by Joseph Henry in 1831.

    In 1921, a man by the name of C.G. Johnson developed the most common modern form of the garage door, the "up-and-over " garage door model.

    As for a sixties front door.....

    Battle of Britain? Heroes to a man, every single one of them. All sides.
  8. Yep. Vapour trail from an early package tour jet high above the action shots.
  9. Not that it matters, piston engined aircraft leave contrails at altitude too.
  10. Good point. I also suggest watching "Bark Blue World" about the Czechs in the Battle of Britain. Less action and more thoughtful thanBofB, but still very good.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, Robert Shaw's character in Jaws was called Quint not Quinn.

  12. When I was working with a certain RAF Sqn who had taken part in the BoB, when the film was on telly and got to the bit where Air Vice Marshall Kieth Park (actor trevor Howard) AOC 11 Gp is watching one of the raids unfold in an ops room and turns to another high ranking and says - 'Who's covering Dover'? And answers '54 Sqn sir' always got a resounding cheer, great stuff!!! :D
  13. Absolutely cracking war film, very gung- ho, cheesy in places and loads of 60s special effects. Best enjoyed with a 6 pack :D

    Best bit? The Geman squadron commander asked by Goering how to defeat the British. Answer- "Give me a squadron of spitfires."

    Second best bit, Susannah York in her sussies.

    This was their finest hour.

    Incidentally, I believe some of the aircraft refurbished for this film ended up going to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, so a good result all round.
  14. Anyway, when we've picked all the nits its all just another reminder of how our young men and women get up and do what is asked of them.

    I did 20 years and it still makes me feel humble - living up to these guys -Rorke's Drift, Somme, Battle of Britain, Arnhem, Suez, Falklands, Iraq, Helmand, as a sample - is impossible.

    I have a deep respect for all of them - the 'Band of Brothers' bit can be overdone but that is what we are. I'm proud to have served but looking at what others have done, well they are on another level.

    And finally I watched Johnson Beharry VC on TV the other night. That guy is living up to the medal every inch.