The Battle Belt, MOLLE, facial IED injuries and Osprey

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by This_Tribe_Rob, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    There's been some debate on here about the carriage of MOLLE pouches and kit on the front of Osprey. I spoke to a friend at Selly Oak who echoed many of the opinions on here - facial injuries, even with eye wear are serious and often associated with the soldier's own equipment. If you can operate effectively without stuff on the front of your Osprey, all the better.

    Yet the black bag comes with a load of MOLLE pouches, Osprey is loaded with PALS ladders but the back of it is too high to reach in to a pouch unless you have very long and rubbery arms.

    Vanguard (owned by ARRSEr In-the-Van) produce a well priced piece of equipment that goes some way to addressing this - the Battle Belt, or All Arms Modular Belt Rig to give it it's full title. It is a MOLLE webbing belt with a yoke that moves buckles away from the shoulders down to the level of the belt.

    I've written an article on this subject with some of the pros and cons of the Battle Belt. I would really appreciate input, particularly from those who've been worrying about this issue for their own safety and anyone that has tried the battle belt. I'd also be interested in the latest unit SOPs on the use of the black bag pouches.

    -> This Tribe article on MOLLE pouch position / facial injuries / Battle Belt

    [honest]Unlike my recent Gore-Tex article there is a commercial interest behind this one - we do actually sell Vanguard AAMBR belts and yokes and I would like to tout a less product specific version of the article to other serious military websites for marketing.[/honest]


    Osprey worn with AAMBR and some slightly random pouches attached as illustration.
  2. Not been able to open the article as yet but with regards to 'Battlebelts' Boris(90210) also a member, custom makes a belt that has been featured more than once in various posts, I use that along with other pouches that he produces not due to worrying about my eyesight or secondary fragmentation but more for convenience, it sits well, no yoke needed, not with what I carry and is fairly 'future proof' with fittings for a yoke and drop-leg platforms. It keeps the front of my Osprey fairly clean as I only have a QR clip for my helmet (via 1157/Bilbo Boy& Fat Mimi) and part of my rifle sling from over the shoulder.

    Personally I see these type of belts as the way forward.
  3. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    I will drop Boris a line - something I've been meaning to do for a while. If you've got any pictures of your kit using the belt I'd be happy to steal them from you! What do you do with your mag pouches? Drop leg?
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    Rob - your link to your article is sending me straight to the Vanguard advert.
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    Just as it should do Boris!
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  8. This_Tribe_Rob

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  9. Rather than start a new thread I thought I'd add my question on here, since its kinda related;

    Given the likelihood of the injuries mentioned above , our unit has been told to have SFA on front of our armour - fair dos I'd rather not have a dish full of pens and leathermans anyways - but im a full on short arse and cant access any pouches on the sides without a massive fuck on. To that end has anyone used either of these?

    Disciple Battle Belt :

    trojan tactical

    Both look decent but im wondering if there are any dramas with attaching to the bottom loops of the armour? Also if anyones used the origional belt in the thread is there is any dramas with the height of the belt at the hips for taking knees etc (as oppsoed to the disciple one I posted , the tapering looks useful) ? Im also not keen on the idea of having a yoke on underneath osprey when I can just hang the belt off the bottom of my kit. If any of you have used either the two I posted, any comments on durability , and use with issued pouches (ive found some non issue molle to not fit quite right with osprey loops) would be appreciated.

  10. At our ARB we were told things could be attached to the front of Osprey, but it had to be the issued pouches as they've been tested.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Should body armour be longer? Clearly a longer armour would provide more protection and would allow pouches to be fitted in a lower more accessible place.

    My understanding was that armour stopped where it does because longer would interfere with mobility of the wearer but if you can wear a battle belt and pouches below the armour that suggests that maybe they could be longer. That might mean having to have a wider size range as a 5' tall soldier would not fit the same armour as a 6'5" soldier even if they are the same chest size.
  12. Aye I was told about the same , my head shed are keen on us having minimal anything on there , and Id rather not have too much shit on front anyway , commanders panel and pistol mags are about all i can see me having/needing on there anyway , Id prefer my mags at the sides on a belt just to get into them easier if anything.
  13. Well mine stops just below my belly button , and the top of my mag pouches on the front are about level with the base of my sternum. If the armour was longer it would stop me bending over with full plates in. Im more comfortable working out a belt kit than a chest rig type set up anyway. With midget side body armour the problem is surface area for pouches , thats why my larger muckers have no dramas with having all thier kit at a comfortable/practical height around the circumference rather than having to go up the way.
  14. There's a big difference in flexibility between current body armour worn with a battle belt, and a longer body armour vest. The Crye Cage system actually makes the vest a little shorter, and puts some of the protection into a Blast belt, which being articulated from the main vest allows for greater flexibility.
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Or articulate the bottom of the vest better. Another concern is blast going up under the armour if it isn't tight enough at the bottom. Things are often a compromise. The blast belt thing sounds like a good idea - there is quite a lot below belly button height I'd like to protect.